The world is a small place

… or why it’s time to stop blogging.

Hell, that was a little unexpected! Turns out my Thunderbird knight in shining armour is an old acquaintance.

We’re not talking long-lost-soul-mates here, but still – someone I’ve shared a few cups of coffee and one or two pints with a couple of years back.

No idea how he stumbled across Bright Meadow and you can colour me all kinds of surprised that he recognised me, but it did get to thinking on how the world is far too small a place, especially this little ‘blogging’ community we inhabit. When you’re wrapped up in it is all too easy to think of it as an all encompassing phenomena, but take a step back and really it’s a very small group of people involved. There’s only a finite number of people interested in certain things and like does tend to gravitate towards like.

Still, do the math on the number of blogs in existence, and the number of ex-boyfriends of old friends, and the chances of one of the latter stumbling across my example of the former is pretty slim.

Anyway, it made me wonder what other skeletons might come clanking out the wardrobe. Almost enough to put a girl off blogging 😯

4 thoughts on “The world is a small place

  1. If anything, at the end of it, it’s how you wear your anonymity that makes the difference between good and bad. One way or another, the possibility of someone that recognises you will be there, but if you play your cards right, skeleton or not, the past will still remain in the past.

    I’ve learnt not to dwell on such things. Whatever comes comes…and tomorrow will always be a brand new day. 🙂

  2. It’s not that I attempt to be anonymous – all my friends, and a fair number of my work colleagues know about Bright Meadow – it’s more the sheer mind-boggling coincidence that gets me!

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