Sunday Roast: I don’t think science and liberals are going to outlaw breathing

Er, can’t think of a snappy introduction this week, so it’s straight to business.

For all you doubters out there, see it is possible to make stunning websites that are also accessible.

Good news for all you Dr Who fans – a date has been set for the screening of Torchwood.

For all you people out there interested in social media, social software, and social networks, danah boyd has compiled a “Best of Apophenia” list. There’s some good reading in there – plenty to stretch the brain. Ok, so you might not want your brain stretched on a Sunday afternoon, but I do recommend bookmarking the page (hell, the whole site) for future reading πŸ™‚

No squashed hedgehogs this week, rather a recipe for basic tomato sauce. I cheat with tomato sauce normally, buying ready-made from the supermarket. Just think how impressed people will be now when I say “Oh, I made the sauce for the pasta from scratch…”

I just have a ‘LOL’ for this one: John August’s crisis of infinite celebrities. It’s his response to David Hasselhoff and hot tennis players that really make me giggle.

This should come under the title “too good to be true”: firm that stops spelling mistakes on the internet lets through typo’s in own press release. Oh the iorny irony! (Thanks Moose for finding this).

When technology goes too far:
LED knitting needles and LED crochet hooks. This could actually have a purpose, I don’t know as I don’t knit or crochet, but… It just seems so surreal!

Everyone’s favourite tech-writer (David Pogue) has an interview with everyone’s favourite (ex-) gossip blogger (Ana Marie Cox, late of Wonkette). Makes for some interesting reading. Slightly disturbingly she feels that:

And so I think that weÒ€ℒre probably going to see that the individual, strong-personality blog is not going to be at the forefront, because group blogs are going to be able to do what people expect of blogs better.

Ah well, who needs fame anyroad? I’ve got my minions to keep me warm πŸ˜€

I’m feeling crafty this week (anything to keep me from finishing the quilt the Crazy Canalman’s been waiting on for a year and a half). This neck tie school bag appeals to me. I like handbags. I like to be individual. This seems near perfect. (Though the page is quite slow to load).

To be serious for a moment, just because you have dark skin it does not mean you won’t get skin cancer. As someone who’s had family die of malignant melanoma trust me, you do not want to get skin cancer. Use that sun block and reapply regularly. If nothing else, lobster red and peeling is just not a good look for anyone!

Those living in the UK might have noticed that we’ve been living through a bit of a heatwave at the moment. Well, Wednesday night there were some very impressive thunderstorms storms around our neck of the woods. Look at picture ten – that’s the reason I didn’t get to see the end of “Weeds” as the TV reception died.

I think my geek-hat is showing: BarCampLondon. Oooh, I so want to go.

My thanks to Tammie for finding the perfect way to finish off the Roast. Cows with guns. There really is nothing else to say (expect that, once again, male cows are portrayed as female cows. Udders = female. It’s not that complex people). Very, very funny πŸ˜€

7 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: I don’t think science and liberals are going to outlaw breathing

  1. Yep cow gender crossing seems common in cartoons. It made me have a good chuckle finding it – be warned though you will end up at some point today singing that song to yourself.

  2. I’ve got it on CD somewhere so I can drive her mad playing it over and over (mwahahaha!)

    I do want to make that tie bag though, it looks really funky. And we do have a lot of charity shops nearby, they’re bound to have cheap ties.

  3. Thank you Dewayne. I was wondering if anyone was going to notice the new avatar. I keep catching it out the corner of my eye and getting a little freaked – it’s just different enough to confuse me! And it’s actually starting to look more and more like the real me as well 😯

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