BrightCast: Emergency Transmission

Before you say anything, yes I know this isn’t actually a podcast. I did try to record something, but I’ve drunk a glass of wine and the first thing to go is always my diction. You try saying “obligatory bigging-up of your blog” when you’ve downed a decent quantity of fine rose. So, because all appearances to the contrary I am quite easily embarrassed, I bring you the BrightCast in text form.

Well I was sitting here with a glass of wine, wondering what I would blog about this evening, when all of a sudden…

Hell no! I just realised it’s been 79 days since I brought you a new installment of the BrightCast. So much for my 2 weekly schedule… Um, sorry? I’d give you the usual excuses about how it’s time consuming to record and all that crap, but basically I’m lazy. I don’t like hearing my own voice so I record something ten times over till it is ‘perfect’, and I’m as uninspired as all mercy.

Any road, just the fact that a long period of time has passed should clue you in to one little thing – I haven’t the foggiest of an idea where to go next. Poor Colin has been left standing on the side of the road doing his best drowned rat impression for the past three months.

It’s time to admit it: I need help.

The idea always was that I’d write what happened next based on your comments and input. So far the comments and input have been… Slim on the ground. I do know that the limousine driver is called Les, and that he might, or might not, be a secret agent investigating global warming. This was Moose’s contribution. I seem to remember we were being very silly that evening. She did get penguins into her story-line though, so kudos.

Either way, lack of input from my readers means lack of ideas for Cas, and lack of ideas for Cas means nothing gets written.

So time for a change of tack. I’m throwing down the gauntlet to y’all – I’m looking for people to collaborate with me on this one. It could be you were providing the ideas. Might be you fancied writing an installment yourself. Maybe you’ve got a hankering to do some artwork that will inspire me. Something, anything, so long as I can get the BrightCast back into the ring for the next round.

What do you get for helping? Minionhood (if you aren’t a Minion already) of course. My undying love and devotion goes without saying. The honour of working with me and guesting on Bright Meadow should be a bit of a draw. I might even throw a surprise sweetener into the mix in the form of iTunes vouchers (or something) if it all works out. Oh, and there would be the obligatory bigging-up of your own blog as well. If you haven’t got a blog, well, tough – even I can’t big up what doesn’t exist!

So there you have it. Cas needs you. If you’re interested, drop me a line via the contact form, or on

And I’m not just looking for one person to help here either – this might be one of those times where the more is the merrier. At least till I work out if this whole playing with other people really works for me. I am honestly seeking your help here as I want Colin to have a story worthy of him, but I am doubting my ability to write that story on my own.

Please, I need some body. Not just any body. Help me get this story back off the ground?

4 thoughts on “BrightCast: Emergency Transmission

  1. Not having anything better to do on a Saturday morning — or rather, not wanting to do any of the other things I should be doing on a Saturday morning — you should find in your inbox a very very silly idea for the next episode, complete with a cliffhanger, a secret agent named Les, and penguins.



  2. I am enjoying at the moment. In fact, ‘enjoy’ might not be a strong enough word. More like ‘in hysterics’.

    Yes, bigging-up. As in, well, bigging-up. I can’t think of a better way to describe it!

  3. Hmmm, I hope that’s “in hysterics” for the right reasons. It’s the only bit of creative writing I’ve done since my GCSEs, which were — oh, God! — a decade ago now. Plus it’s the longest thing I’ve written in that time that doesn’t contain a single line of mathematics. Enjoyment is a bonus, I just hope it doesn’t suck.

    Oh, and and it should read “but the Pope” at the bottom of the first page, but I’m sure you’ve realised that by now.

    As to “bigging-up”, what’s wrong with “promoting” or “highlighing”? I always thought that “bigging [somthing] up” was a phrase invented by Radio One DJs, like “giving a shout out [to somebody]” (as opposed to just saying hello) 😛

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