Bright Cast: take five

Ok, so I have a new episode of the Bright Cast for your listening pleasure.

Finally! I hear you cry (or not. Perhaps you had forgotten it even existed. If that’s the case, you might want to familiarise yourself with past episodes).

The story for this one comes from Tristan. Tristan ended up reading Bright Meadow somehow a few weeks back and realised that he actually knew me. Odd how these things happen. Anyway, he seems to have stuck around, so yay! He’s a genius student by day, a crimefighting superhero by night, and he lives in one of my favourite cities (Bath). What more is there to say really, other than that he came up with an installment for Salt and Pepper Chess that quite literally had me falling off my seat in laughter.

Before you press play I should say one thing: I am not an actor. I suck at voices. And I have no idea why Les becomes Northern in the middle of the episode. As I said, I suck at voices.

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(If you decide to listen to it outside of Odeo on your iPod or something, apparently you’ll have a three second audio intro “to help spread the word about Odeo”. Why use Odeo to host this and not my own server? Because my own server sucks and I’m perilously close to exceeding my bandwidth again)

Now you’ve listened and (hopefully) enjoyed, please comment and let me and my group of dedicated story-writing minions what you think should happen next. If you don’t comment, well… There’s no way of knowing what will happen next 😉

(If you’d like a transcript of this episode, let me know).

3 thoughts on “Bright Cast: take five

  1. i love your voice. it sooths me. i don’t know why is that. i can hardly concentrate listening WHAT you say. i just listen your voice. comforting.

    p.s.: who’s the author?

  2. Thank you for your kind words. The author for this particular episode was Tristan, one of the readers of Bright Meadow. Other episodes have been written by other people who felt inspired.

  3. i can’t believe you answered. very nice of you.
    i’m listening to enya and looking at a picture with and ex-girlfriend. she is amazingly beautiful. she made me feel good all day and now you answered. thank you for making me smile once more.
    i’ll listen again…

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