Comment Hassle

There’s been a few instances lately where the blog is eating comments. I’ve no idea why – they just aren’t showing. It’s also refusing to notify me of new comments (grr). CoComment is doing a sterling job catching comments for me but if you post a comment and it doesn’t show within five minutes, either try again or shoot me an email – cas.brightmeadow[at]

*gives the server a swift kick up the pants*

2 thoughts on “Comment Hassle

  1. A couple of recent comments left on my site wound up in the wrong post somehow. I think there might be some new glitches with the new build of K2. *shrugs*

  2. That would be the answer if I was running the new build of K2.

    Alas, I am running a very OLD version of K2 because I haven’t got around to upgrading to WP 2 yet. I know, I know. Lazy of me. I’ve finally got THIS build of K2 looking how I like it, I don’t want to start again *wail*

    The gods are conspiring to tell me it really is time to switch servers…

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