Monday Update and Gym Tracking


This week I have been to the gym. Twice! I know!

Weight – (magic number) + 4.
I managed 500 m on the X-Trainer (evil machine) before melting from the heat. I have no idea how long this took me, so we’ll have to say approx 4 or 5 minutes before I gave up in disgust and forgot to look. Despite signs all over the gym saying ‘the air con is working properly’ it is NOT.
1 km on the cycle, ‘trail blazer’, approx four or five minutes. Again, I forgot to look.
1 km on the rowing machine in 5:29 – that’s about 30 or 40 seconds off my pb, but considering last time I only just made 500 metres, not bad.
And some resistance stuff. Not as much as I wanted to do though because all the machines were full.

Other than that, I’ve been eating healthily (still) with the occasional break for cheesecakes and magnums. All in moderation however.

In myself I’m feeling human again! Taking those two days holiday (four if you count the weekend) was one of the most sensible things I’ve done in a long while. Turns out I wasn’t sickening with something horrible, I was just worn thin and needed a few days de-stress. Don’t let anyone ever tell you temping isn’t a stressful job!

And that’s it for this week I think. Regardless of whether I’m loosing any weight or not, I feel better in myself for doing this. I’m getting energy again (when I’m not exhausted) and I’m finding myself wanting to get out and do things. When I don’t I feel all iggy and off-colour.

Damn. You don’t think I’m turning into a fit-freak do you?! No…

8 thoughts on “Monday Update and Gym Tracking

  1. Hey, there 9rules fellow 🙂

    Oh, I sooo love your comment: “I’m getting energy again (when I’m not exhausted)…”

    It’s full time work just to eat properly, even though I don’t want to loose weight, I need to get my iron levels up. Most of all, I want my hair back – you don’t think there are any machines there that makes the hair grow back…? *lol*

    Baldie Hawn

  2. Dedicated effort to exercise, fancy new masthead colors… wtf Cas, I thought we shared a bond of laziness. You used to be cool, man.

    I agree about the days off; I’ve always said that it’s better to take your vacation days one or two at a time than to just bolt to the Bahams for a week. I took 7 straight Mondays off last year, and it not only made the weekends more productive, but made the subsequent 4-day work weeks that much easier to stomach.

  3. Hello there Mrs Lifecruiser and welcome to Bright Meadow 🙂
    I’d give you some of my hair if it were possible… As it’s not, I shall just settle for good luck!

    Sorry CWW 🙁 I assure you this burst of energy is a momentary aberration. Customary indolence will resume shortly.

  4. If it make you feel better CWW, on Saturday afternoon Cas refused to leave the house to attend a local festival because it was slightly windy. She stayed at home reading and watching telly instead.

  5. I need to get my rear in gear… the heat has been so horrible that I haven’t worked out in…well, basically forever. You can’t see it too much yet, but I can feel the fat globules growing on my sides and belly, creeping in the middle of the night to make me not be able to button my favorite shorts the next day and I say, “HEY these fit me yesterday!” and the globules giggle with glee.
    It could be all the cake I’m eating, too.
    You inspire me. I’m going to try to either… not eat cake… or work out. Today. For sure. Heat or no heat.

  6. And there is Moose’s revenge. I was wondering what form it was going to take – she was very disappointed in me on Saturday.

    meowkaat, I have this vision in my head of giggling fat globules now and I REALLY wish I didn’t! They’re going to be pursuing me all the way to the gym tomorrow, I can tell. As your inspiration I say – not eat cake. It’s got slightly less risk of heat stroke attached. Then again, if you exercised you could eat the cake afterward and not feel so bad…

    Ooooh, dilemma! I think I will go eat some cheesecake and ponder 😀

  7. Ever tried a low carb diet? Combined with decent exercise it helps the pounds come off. I’ve lost 2 stone in the last two months. Good luck with your efforts.

  8. Oooh, I couldn’t do low carb. I like my bread and pasta too much! I’m not saying it doesn’t work, but I personally much prefer the ‘just eat healthily, in moderation, and do some exercise’ route. It might not be so drastic – though my father’s been doing this and has lost two stone plus since January (Go Dad!) – but it works. I spent the weekend surrounded by health professionals of one stripe or another and they all agreed that healthy + moderation + sensible exercise is all most people really need.

    Then again, two stone in two months does sound pretty spectacular, so well done you!

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