Sunday Roast: piracy is our only option

Sorry this is unusually late. I was at a family gathering this weekend and got back to Meadow Towers later than planned. So yes. A shorter one than normal because of tiredness and there being a dearth of interesting things out there this week. These are the few shining lights 🙂

In a staggering vote of support for common sense, the Americans have finally twigged that increased use of tanning beds increases skin cancers. Really, it’s not rocket science. UV rays can trigger skin cancers – this we are all agreed on. Sun beds pump phenomenal quantities of this radiation into your skin at a short distance for a prolonged period of time. In this case, two plus two really DOES equal four. I reckon if someone did a study of the incidence of skin cancer in this country, a huge anomaly would appear in Liverpool, the city where every other shop really is a tanning salon and it costs as little as 10 pence for five minutes! People – stop using sun beds. It’s that easy! You won’t end up with leathery skin when you get older and you might even live to be older!

In what I do hope doesn’t become a weekly series of how most Americans are really rather dumb, I bring you the news that more Americans know who Harry Potter is than Tony Blair. Yup.

Ben over at Open Switch is getting into the flow of his ‘Ask a Minister’ podcasts. This one – are Christians going to Hell? – got me thinking. My own religious journey is a long and tangled one that still isn’t over yet (the map got thrown out the window years back and who knows where I’m gonna end up) and isn’t something I talk about really, faith being an intensely personal thing as far as I am concerned. But just because I don’t talk about it doesn’t mean I don’t think about it. I recommend you have a listen to what Ben has to say – one thing though Ben if you read this – stop saying you aren’t a professional. You’re a minister aren’t you? What more qualifications do you need? You clearly have your head screwed on straight. Take pride in your views and understanding. To butcher a good quote, I might not agree with everything you say, but I like the way you say it 🙂

As I was going through the sites I’d bookmarked for the ‘Roast this week, thinking of how I was going to introduce everything, I came across Liz’s latest and started to giggle – I spent a good deal of time on Saturday night trying to drunkenly explain to relatives why I wanted to work in publishing and make words my living. So when Liz says writing communicates across the world, through time, to people I have never met. It captures ideas, inventions, and information she pretty much hits the nail on the head. Should have taken her to the party, she could have explained for me!

Having grown up in a tourist town myself, the following is freakishly familiar to me. I have fond memories of the time I misdirected a tourist because he was being unusually dumb. I could have sent him up the Tor the nice ‘easy’ route that is designed for the tourists. Even has benches on the way up. No, I sent him up the evil steep way that no one but the sheep normally use. Mwhahahahaahaaaa. So yes, I know exactly what Caryn is talking about!

Imaginary. Mystic. Dwarves. What more could you possibly want?

Junk mail is 37 percent more likely to be opened if it’s sent to a dead person. Only Moose could find a story like this.

I could have done with this last year – a list of people doing research on social network sites.

In a letter of support to the Air-Jaldi Wireless Summit, His Holiness the Dalai Lama says this about the Internet: “the Internet’s contribution to the diffusion and dissemination of knowledge and information is truly remarkable. By itself the Internet cannot feed the poor, defend the oppressed or protect those subject to natural disasters, but by keeping us informed it can allow those of us who have the opportunity to give whatever help we can”.

And to finish off, something insightful from Mike on content versus popularity and all that jazz. Yes, I should come up with a better introduction, but it’s late and I am fresh out of inspiration. Suffice it to say I read this article at work of Friday and it made me think. As ‘what made me think’ is the guiding principle behind the ‘Roast, in it goes.

Enjoy 🙂

4 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: piracy is our only option

  1. The bit about writing is quite interesting from my perspective. I don’t really have a long history of being creative, but since I started getting into computer graphics a few years ago (before the MSc) I’ve increasingly felt that I should be creating pictures and drawings, and that there are ideas which I would like to express/explore that way. Once my ability cathes up with my ambition a little bit more (I’m getting there) I’d like to find an interesting way of getting some 2D, non-archaeological work up on the internet.

  2. Pardon the double post, but I should add that I’m off on holiday tomorrow, so if it seems like I’m ignoring any subsequent posts when I should be replying it’s not that I’m being rude, but simply that I’m not here

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