Monday Update and Gym Tracking

I was brought up to believe if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well, if you’re going to fall off the wagon, you should fall off it big time. And I fell of it so hard this weekend I’m surprised I didn’t break something.

For most of the week I’ve been very good, managing not to snack too much and to eat healthily. Then I went to a family gathering at the weekend…

Oh dear. It is impossible to go the Farm and not eat lots and drinks lots. I challenge you to try it sometime – if you don’t return several pounds heavier, you’ve just not been having fun. We were celebrating my cousin’s entrance to Medical School (go Em! You’re gonna make a kick-ass surgeon/GP/whatever you decide on!) and it would just have been rude not to eat the good food and drink the very good wine.

So yes. Lots of good food this weekend (Mmmmmm, apple and cinnamon meringue). Because I don’t want it all to spend too long on my hips I went to the gym this evening. Tonight was actually the second time I’ve been this week (go me) – at the moment, whilst yes I am going for increasing my aerobic fitness and doing general toning, I am more concentrating on actually GOING to the gym. Fitting the three sessions a week into my schedule is proving to be tricky. I am determined to do it however, and already I think I am noticing the benefits. That’s not to say I’ve lost anything, either weight or width, but this week I’ve started to feel better in myself. I’m standing straighter, feeling more energetic still, and actually finding myself wanting to go do some exercise. It may be all in my mind but I think that’s where most of the battle is any way.

Today’s gym session:
10 minutes walk to the gym (uphill, as always).
Weight – still magic number + 4. Ah, who cares. Muscle weighs more than fat any road.
3km on the cycle – 9.17 minutes
500m on the rower – I wanted to do more but my arms/elbows have decided it is their turn to play up. I think all that lifting of wine glasses on Saturday night caused some RSI 😉
15/20 minutes general resistance, mainly arms.
I even did a few stomach crunches on the evil machine – I, quite literally, have no stomach muscles so crunches/sit-ups are very difficult for me. I felt such a fool only able to do five crunches on the lightest weight, but that’s what comes of having your innards sliced-n-diced when you’re younger. My goal will be to do one or two more crunches each time, building things up slowly.
10 minutes walk home – I’m starting to like the walk home. It’s a nice way to cool down in the fresh air. I might think differently in the winter, but right now it works well.

And that’s it. That was my dietary and exercise hijinks for this week. Tune in, same time, same place, next week to see how the saga continues…