Went to the dentist today and I swear I spent longer having her tilt the chair back (any further and my legs would have been above my head) than I did with the dentist actually looking in my mouth. Not that that’s a bad thing – I’m good to go and still filling free for another twelve months, but still, £15.50 for the privilege of leaving work 30 minutes early? I’m going to have to work an extra two hours to make it up. Grumble.

2 thoughts on “Dentist

  1. I joined denplan where you pay monthly and the treatment I get is so much better now – you get hygienist included. I have a heredity problem that means I get fillings like some people change underwear, but my husband is like you and bar 2 blips filling free. If you can do it (about £4-10 a month depending on teeth state (think it’s a filing count or something) then Denplan is the way forward. I had a fear of dentists before going on this plan and thanks to a great dentist now happily go – before I was even having to be knocked out with seditives just for an examination.

  2. I can see where denplan is good (my Mum uses them and they were brilliant when she chipped a front tooth last year by falling off the kerb) but I just don’t have the need to make it worth paying. I have been blessed with good teeth (bar having too many of them, so making childhood othrodentistry a necessity. And having all my wisdom teeth out and a fifth growing back – long story). I actually went to a private dentist last time and felt well and truly shafted by the appalling treatment and the price I had to pay for the privilege!

    I’m lucky enough to have found a good NHS dentist. I never had a fear of dentists, but I know people who do, and even they have no real qualms about going to this dentist (bar, of course, the usual ‘do really I have to?’)

    Yes, £15.50 is two hours worth of work, but my last check-up cost me £50 for the same thing. And now I know if I *do* chip a tooth or something, I’m on the books at an NHS dentist so will get cheaper treatment Yay!

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