Ever wanted to hear a Wurzel cow?

Moose emailed me this yesterday and I was skeptical, till I heard odder than usual sounds issuing from her side of the flat, inquired, and discovered she was trying to tell the difference between coo moos.

Yes, you heard me. Cow sounds.

So of course, I had to check the story out for myself – Cows have regional accents.

Apparently the look of horror on my face when I realised I’d worked on one of these farms (I’m not saying which one, it’s just too embarrassing) was something else.

So yes, there you have it. If you look down the bottom of the article you will get the chance to listen to four different regional variations of moo (I cannot believe I just typed that sentence). I have to say, they are markedly different. And, perhaps not surprisingly, the Somerset cow sounds ‘right’ to me. The other’s just aren’t as cow-like, whilst the Essex cow just sounds… plain weird.

And it’s only because I didn’t get to my digital camera fast enough that the picture gracing this post is of a cow and not of Moose doing a cow impression. If you ever get the chance, do ask her to do her cow impression. It’s uncanny. Make sure you get her to do the eyes…


7 thoughts on “Ever wanted to hear a Wurzel cow?

  1. You embodied the essence of what it is to be a cow so well. That’s what I meant – not that you’d suddenly sprouted horns and spots.

  2. My mother, who hails from farming stock in the north of the Netherlands, has long insisted that Dutch cows go “boo” rather than “moo”. I always thought she was mad, but I guess it turns out there was something in it…

  3. hahahaaaaaa that made me laugh so much!!! That first one freaked me out…and I had my speakers up pretty loud, so everyone JUMPED when it mooed. I wonder how an American cow, from say, Washington state, would sound in comparison.

  4. I just read an article about this earlier today on Reuters. It was kind of amusing. Now I may have to swing by one of the local farms and coerce the cows into mooing for me. If I do I’ll send y’all a copy. In other news, I’ll prolly be laying low for a while, a very good friend of the family passed away at 12:30 US Eastern Time. I don’t know yet if I’ll be able to go to the funeral, though I’m hoping I’ll be able to. Yeah, it’s been a rough day.

  5. meowkaat – glad it made you laugh. The combination of the article, realizing I KNOW some of the farmers involved, and Moose’s cow impressions actually had me unable to breathe with laughter. Good times 😀

    WereTeddy – I’m so sorry to hear that sweetheart. My love as always. Hope to see you around soon. Cxxx

  6. Japanese cows say “Mow”, something I’ve always dissed. Maybe there’s some truth in it. Getting me to a farm today!

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