Lazy Monday Afternoon

So it’s a bank holiday Monday and the sun is actually shining. This is an odd enough occurrence to make me doubt that it really is a bank holiday Monday, then I do the checks …

  • Not waking up till gone 11.30 after staying up till 2am drinking wine, watching bad movies, and eating cheesecake. Check.
  • Spending excessive amounts of time in the shower because I’m home alone, there’s no one to complain, and I don’t have to be any where else. Check.
  • Dressed in disreputable clothes including a bra that is a size or two too small because I finally got around to doing those three loads of laundry yesterday. Check.
  • But actually being dressed in clothes (it is a Monday after all) and not still in pajamas like was from close of play Saturday till *looks at clock* just a few hours ago. Check.
  • Hair going all over the place because, whilst it’s clean, I resent blow-drying it when I don’t have to. Check.
  • Wrist hurting like merry hell for no reason, but probably not helped by beating the crap out of a load of biscuits (esp. gingernuts) for the afore mentioned cheesecake on Saturday, and inordinate amounts of computer use over the weekend. Check.
  • Slightly guilty conscience because of spending entire of Sunday sitting on the sofa in PJs watching the rest of Season Two of Spooks and bad movies. Check.
  • Nagging feeling that I really should be at work. Yup.
  • Slight panic when I think of the work I still have to do despite the week being one day shorter than usual. Double check.
  • More blog posts than is normal for a Monday afternoon.

So yes, I can rest easy in the knowledge that it actually is a bank holiday Monday. I’ve reached the point where I’ve done all the little jobs that needed doing (cleaned the flat, tidied up after Saturday night’s get-together, mended some clothes that have needed mending for months, etc) and can’t put off writing any longer.

Actually, yes I can…

*toddles off into the kitchen to return five minutes later with a cup of tea*

Ok, now I really have no excuse not to write my Blog Club submission.