Why is it that the people you want to get back in contact with are never the people who have their details listed in the alumni database?

It’s always the sad people you would never want to talk to again who have their contact details listed…

Actually, strike that last sentence, seeing as how I have my details listed 😉

2 thoughts on “Reunion

  1. Is that a bit like how all the cool people don’t seem to have an about section on their blog? Mmm. I should rethink all my public profiles I have out there. Play harder to get and all.

  2. Yes, not having an about section can add to that whole “international man of mystery” appeal, but on the whole it just pisses me off.

    Keep the about section – I tend to read blogs partly because I like the writer of the blog (they interest me, their take on things interests me) and, frankly, I’m nosy. I’m the sort of person who reads author bios on the back page of books etc. As I said, nosy. And I like context.

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