Sunday Roast: sarcasm’s a disturbing thing coming from a woman of your age

Excuses, excuses I know, but if this Roast is shorter and even more poorly typed than usual, forgive me. And blame RSI.

I’ll be talking more about this shortly when I am able to once again type at length, but for now I shall just notify you about the Pink for October event to raise awareness about Breast Cancer. I shall be participating, so will lots of others, and it would be amazing if y’all would get on board too.

This one’s for Moose because she’s been feeding me homemade cookies all weekend. Also, there’s no race this week so she needs her F1 fix – Formula One is considering hybrid engines.

There’s been a bit of buzz this week about chumbys (what is the plural of chumby? Can you get a herd of chumbys? I’m digressing…) Anyway, a chumby is a “compact device that can act like a clock radio, but is way more flexible and fun”. It uses wi-fi to connect to the internet, it’s designed to be hackable, adaptable and just plain cute. I can already see it sitting on my bedside table (in my mind). I want to play! But as I don’t stand a kitten in purgatory’s chance of getting one – by no stretch of the imagination am I either a the serious alpha-geek hacker, clever crafter or accomplished Flash animator you need to be to get a prototype – I guess I am going to have to wait and listen to what those lucky so-and-so’s who have one have to say.

I don’t care if this is true or not. McDonald’s have had to redesign their McFlurry containers in the UK so hedgehogs don’t get stuck.

I’ve been an organ donor a long time (since I was about 13 I think), give blood on a regular basis, and am signed onto the Bone Marrow Register. This last especially because I’ve seen first hand the good bone marrow transplants can do, and the agony families face when there isn’t a match within the close family. Not finding an in-family match can often be a death sentence unless a match can be found with an anonymous donor. Up till now, however, if I had died and the doctors wanted to use my organs to help others (I carry a card making my wishes known) but my family had said ‘no’, the doctors would have had to respect their wishes. The laws have now changed to respect donors wishes over those of the family.

It’s odd, the things that inspire you. These panorama planets that Phu discovered have set of a veritable mindstorm of story ideas. Excellent…

The U.N. debates Open-Source software.

A small bar/cafe near Meadow Towers does the most divine warm chinese duck salad. It is single handedly responsible for making me see that salad can actually be tasty. I’m not saying it’s the healthiest salad in the world, but it sure is tasty. (Short of seducing the chef at said bar/cafe for the recipe, this is the closest I’ve found so far to the holy grail).

Paul has a very thought provoking piece over at Many-to-Many on Social Publishing. It’s hard to summarize in one or two lines, but it is interesting.

And the closing funny. Fortune cookes – perhaps they know more than you think

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