There was a post here that tried to point out, whilst stressing there was no blame attached, things happen to the best of us with regard a slight 9rules domain mishap.

Then… Oh, I don’t know. People picked up on it, the humour in the situation WASN’T appreciated, comments started getting a bit snotty, then Spam Karma went into overdrive and threatened to nuke my entire comments database (uh, I think I won’t let that happen)…

All in all, the post deserved to die. (And as an aside, I’m back to just Akismet. I know how to work that!)

I would like to stress, ONCE AGAIN because I don’t think it got noticed before, I fully support the 9rules chaps and chappette. They have brought much greatness and supreme quantities of joy to the Web. It doesn’t have to be anybody’s fault – things happen. I actually find it quite reassuring to have this little reminder that no one is perfect and safe from the flying fickle finger of fate.

So yes, send your love, respect and good luck to the 9rules team, and lay off the snarky comments. They deserve the former and really don’t deserve the latter.

7 thoughts on “Ooops?

  1. I don’t get it. I spend the best part of the day shopping and the best part of the week working overtime, and I miss all the internet catfights. Seriously. That’s so unfair.

  2. Ah, the Gay Penguin story. Thank you illyna 🙂

    JB, trust me, you missed nothing but a few people getting snarky and not appreciating the humour in a situation when it was thrust in their faces. Or perhaps I’m just more easily amused/have a more twisted sense of humour than most people. Still, nothing much missed. All is once more well with the world 🙂

  3. Eh? I read that 9 rules post earlier on today, why did it recieve so much flak? I didn’t notice anything bad about it… maybe I missed something?

  4. It was one of those times where words in my head clearly did not translate into the words on the screen.

    A few of the comments that (happily) got munched by Spam Karma were distinctly anti-9rules.

    It’s hard to explain the full reasoning behind it but my gut just told me to ditch the post. So ditch it I did.

    A lesson to be learnt here – Cas should not post when she is bored.

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