Sunday Roast: happiness isn’t happiness till you have a violin playing goat

I was told off in no uncertain terms just now for being late with the Sunday Roast. What can I say? Charmed just seemed good to me this afternoon 😉

Lelia asks that we amuse her. So go on, come up with some captions for those pictures…

The divine Nanette is doing amazing volunteer work with School on Wheels. It sounds like a brilliant idea to help homeless children get an education. If you are So.Cal based, think about it.

Job interviews suck. Yes, yes they do. From experience they are where the wheels tend to come off the wagon for me. I’ve managed to land an interview in a few weeks time (not an exciting job, but hey – it’s money!) because the person short listing for another job liked my application so much she thought I would be perfect for this other job. Not the job I applied for, but that’s hardly surprising considering I very cheekily applied for something I completely lack the experience for (if you don’t ask you don’t get). Anyway, I don’t hold out any hope of getting the job mainly because I interview badly. Old speech impediments kick in, as do nervous behaviours. I’m too honest. I’m too screwball! So yes, how do I get a job without interviewing for it, because if I have to interview I’m gonna be a temp for a looooooooong time!

Britain’s human history has been revealed. Please note however that just because there’s no evidence it does not mean people definitely weren’t around during those blank spots. As my Human Origins professor used to say constantly “Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence”. I do love the idea though of Britain being the edge of the universe 😀

And I thought I took ergonomics quite far… My brain just can’t work out how the hell this keyboard works! Sure looks fun however.

Dangermouse is back.

Here’s a handy tip you might not have been aware of (Mac users only I’m afraid) – Pressing Apple+Control+D over any word in a cocoa application pops up the dictionary/thesaurus. Handy.

The Wiki Wired experiment was a success. As opposed to the catastrophic LA Times Wikitorial that kicked off in the middle of my thesis. Not the best example of wiki use I’ve ever had to quote!

A Sudanese man has been forced to marry a goat.

And further goat-related madness, in what has to be the best excuse for speeding ever, a Swiss man caught speeding in Canada blames the lack of goats on the roads. They may not have goats, but they do have moose, and they’d make a hell of a lot more damage to your car if you hit one!

And to close with a picture this week, you should always let sleeping cats lie.

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