It’s my birthday and I’ll not post if I want too

not cake.JPG

Yup, it’s my birthday weekend so don’t look for any posts till Monday. My Dad is coming down for the weekend and, quite frankly, what we have planned is more fun than aggravating my RSI by blogging, so I’m going to spend the weekend away from the computer. I know! *gasp* Shock! Horror!

What is planned? Well, there will be the buying goldfish, having a nice meal, watching a movie, and going to the boat show (this will be my third year in Southampton, I should go at least once). There might also be other fun and exciting things happening – I wouldn’t know, I haven’t done them yet.

If you are in need of blogging brilliance, check out these bad boys.

And the picture is what greeted me when I opened the fridge door this evening when I came home and wanted some milk for a cup of tea. Moose assures me that it isn’t my birthday cake but I don’t have a post graduate degree for nothing you know. I have my suspicions…

Have fun without me and when I speak to you again I shall be… older. Ugh. πŸ˜‰

14 thoughts on “It’s my birthday and I’ll not post if I want too

  1. Many thanks everyone for your lovely birthday wishes. I had a wonderful weekend, with lots of great presents and a VERY yummy cake (as suspected, the contents of the tin was my birthday cake – Moose’s cunning misdirection failed spectacularly!). And I now have a pet fish (name to be decided).

    Posting will resume shortly and thank you again for your birthdays messages πŸ™‚

  2. Alas, it’s called Alexander. The poor thing actually has three names:
    Fishy Fantastico is it’s ‘show’ name,
    Alexander is it’s everyday name,
    and Fishy Fish Fish Fish for when I’m feeling particularly affectionate.

    If I started naming pet’s after Minion’s I’d have to get a MUCH bigger tank because I wouldn’t want anyone to feel left out. Next spiderplant I have I’ll name after you, deal?

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