Sad News :(

shy fish 2.JPG I have to bring you sad news this Saturday morning.

Bright Meadow’s latest resident, Alexander the Fish, unfortunately died in the night. I have no idea why – he was swimming round quite contentedly in his bowl last night, though he hadn’t eaten anything since Thursday evening (he was normally a greedy little so-and-so). Whilst I’d only known him a week, he was still dear to my heart, and he will be missed.

Perhaps it was the confusion over his name that finally got him? No creature under an inch and a half in length needs three names.

Whatever the reason, clearly, I am not one of natures fish-keepers. Cats I am good with, unfortunately, our lease doesn’t permit us anything fluffier (or bigger) than a goldfish. I wish I had a better picture to share than this one, but Alexander was remarkably camera shy for a fish that was such a flirt under all other circumstances.

As I said, he will be missed. That’s me back to talking to the Spider Plants then.

8 thoughts on “Sad News :(

  1. I made the point of going to a reputable fish-selling place. I think it was just one of the great mysteries of fish-keeping. It is possible the water wasn’t quite right or something.

    C’est la vie. Or la mort in this case.

  2. I’ve had mixed experiences in keeping fish. Some have been extremely tough; others have been so darn picky about their living conditions that so much as a few degrees off in water temperature would off them.

    Then there was the beta that drowned himself by lodging his head in some of the bedrock of the tank…

    Dumb fish.

  3. My fiancee had a beta fish. One day, she cleaned out the water and put the bowl back. That evening, we couldn’t find him in the tank – she thought she’d flushed him down the garbage disposal by mistake and was exceedingly upset about it.

    We eventually found him behind the bed. Never heard a fish committing suicide by jumping out of his tank before.

  4. My friend’s fish committed suicide. It somehow managed to jump through the 1cm gap between the edge of the tank and the heater on the top and fell down the back of the bookcase. We found him a week later.

  5. I find myself missing Alexander, even after only having him for a week. I walk into the room, start to say “hello”, then look at the blank spot on my bookshelf where his bowl was and go “oh…”

    I need a virtual pet or something. Maybe one of those Aibo Sony dog robots.

    That, or a pair of red cowboy boots. A pair of red cowboy boots would stop me mourning right off 😀

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