Sunday Roast: you may be cuddly, but can you float?

So there was no Roast last week – well it was my birthday and every once in a while things more important than blogging will occur. I know, heresy, but it’s true. In recompense, this week you will have a bumper-sized Roast with offerings from the past two weeks. Aren’t you fortunate people?

A recent study has shown that wearing cycling helmets makes you more likely to crash (especially if you are a man). Like the article says, I wouldn’t take this as a reason not to wear a helmet, but I do love how drivers gave the researcher more room when he was wearing a long wig…

This is just plain cruel – Gloucester city council is giving gulls fake eggs in an attempt to confuse them and stop them breeding. The thought of a pair of gulls looking after this plastic egg, wondering why it isn’t hatching, is just so sad. What do they do with the real eggs? Because I’m assuming substitution has to be made at some point, in the manner of cuckoos. Mean.

As a recent fish-owner, I resent that a museum gave a fish a make over because it was too ugly. Not only that, they took out one of it’s eyes!

It’s been a while since I linked to ProBlogger. Time to remedy the situation. Darren wrote a piece about cliques and how easy it is to unintentionally exclude people which set a few alarm bells tinkling. I don’t have an excessively large readership here at Bright Meadow, but there is a core group of you who can be relied upon to pop up in the comments more often than not. As a reluctant commentor myself I know how intimidating it can seem the first time on a new blog, especially if there seems to be an extant community. I’m not sure how best to deal with the phenomenon, but I shall continue to be as welcoming as I can. No scaring off the newbies now!

Bewjeweled and Tetris on the iPod. Oh lordy, lordy, lor. You’d never get anything done!

I was going to be a good girl and download iTunes 7, but luckily I saw Tammie’s experiences before I hit the ‘download’ button. Eek! I don’t actually listen to music through the PocketCalculator, just turning iTunes on when I want to rip a new cd and upload it too the iPod, mainly because even iTunes 6 makes my (old) G4 with 512 mb memory (which was top spec when I brought it!) sit back and act like it’s digesting a big meal. I’m waiting for a fix, or at least for when I can get down and dirty and completely wipe my HD and start over. Of course the ideal solution would be a new computer (how the hell will I be able to resist when this opens?) but as I don’t have a few grand spare to waste, no iTunes 7 for Cas right now. If only I could get the automatic software update to shut up about it!

So simple, so subtle and ties into my own fascination with graffiti.

Again with the ugly pets getting makeovers.

I’m going to go see Imogen Heap in a few weeks time, so I’ll let you know how her decision to pick supporting acts through MySpace turns out.

Have you got your Moo cards yet? I’ve ordered my ten free (go being a pro user!) and I will let you know how they look when they arrive, but I’m really quite excited about them. I’ve been pondering the idea of business cards for when (if) I get my arse in gear and get to some conferences (CAA UK in Jan 2007 for sure) and these are just so much more… fun! And personal.

I would be remiss in my 9rules duties if I didn’t point out to y’all that the next submission round is October 25th. I’ll try not to get all recent-convert on you, but they are a great bunch of people. It might not be for you, but if you ever fancied hanging out with some scarily smart people and having a laugh in the process, try it. You might like it 😉

Sad news for motor and Top Gear fans every where this week when presenter Richard Hammond got seriously injured in a crash. His family have requested that instead of flowers/cards/etc people make donations to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. To do so, just go to this page at

And lastly, Are you?

4 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: you may be cuddly, but can you float?

  1. I am still going through the process of renaming my music but it has turned out that it is more than likely because I was referencing a portable hard drive that wasn’t on when it updated itunes, which might not be your case. My husband didn’t have any of the issues I had and that seems great. The using mucho memory seems to have settled now, oddly enough after the last security update on my powerbook – go figure. All in all is well now but yes, it was shall we say off putting. Just to update you incase you fancy taking the plunge 😉 Damn I want an Apple store near me :(.

    I am sooooo jealous about Imogen Heap you have to update and review that gig definetly.

  2. Other than taking 15 minutes to install itsel, ITunes 7 seems to be working fine on my old Dell (memory 256mb). No noticeable difference in performance. And once I found something to explain exactly what it was doing when ‘determining gapess playback I stopped worrying about that as well, and I’m quite looking forward to it – it will be nice to play a concerto without gaps after each track.

    Maybe it just doesn’t like Macs

  3. As I mentioned on Tammie’s post about iTunes, I’ve not had any trouble with iTunes 7 on my PC. It’s a little clunk in loading stuff at times, but iTunes 6 was like that for me, too (and btw, I’ve got 1 gig of memory).

    As an aside, I really, really like the new iPod window in iTunes 7.

  4. I know you think that giving the gulls fake eggs is cruel, but they are a real menance. They go round attacking people – it’s like a scene from The Birds. Something needs to be done…

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