Pink for October

For those of you who customarily read Bright Meadow in an RSS reader, I really do recommend actually visiting the site and glorying in all the pink that abounds. And trust me, there’s a *lot* of pink.

Why go pink?

The idea is to spread awareness about breast cancer.

In the last three decades the number of breast cancer cases has soared at the same time as the death rates are falling. The later is due, in the most part, to a much greater public awareness of the disease. Like with all cancers the key is early diagnosis – being aware of your breasts is vital.

If you are feeling in a generous mood, I would suggest donations to any of the following:

To lighten the mood slightly, there are 7 changes that have been made to Bright Meadow – the observant among you who can spot all of them will get Minionhood. Some of the changes are glaringly obvious. Others, not so much.

Even if you can’t/don’t want to do a full makeover of your site and join the pink side, there are badges available for you to show your support.

Go on – go pink! I dare you…

5 thoughts on “Pink for October

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  2. Thank you 🙂

    I still get a shock every time I load the page. It is VERY disconcerting after so long plain blue and white/grey.

  3. I tried to go pink as much as possible. Yours looks good and I like the jaggy font and the little ribbon on the antarctic fowl.

    Btw, would you happen to know whether penguins have breasts? Can’t help it, but it just popped up all of a suddenly 😉

  4. Thank you 🙂

    I like the jaggy font too (it’s just basic courier) – I wanted to match the font that Breast Cancer Care UK use on their promotional material for the “Go Pink” campaign, but I couldn’t match it, so I opted for an old school typewriter look. People have either loved or hated it so far.

    Penguins with breasts? 😯

    OK, my brain needs to be washed out now. I’ve been on a graphic novel and comic reading binge the last couple of weeks, so I’m automatically thinking in pictures as well as words… *blinks*

    Technically penguins are birds, so I suppose whilst they don’t have breasts as mammals (no milk ducts etc), but they have ‘breasts’ like chickens/turkeys do in that they would be the muscles across the front .

    I like yours as well. Pink in a more subtle, manly way. I don’t do subtle as you can probably tell!

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