Hexed out?

Anyone know what happened to the second season of Hex? They just started showing it on Sky Three on Thursdays at 9pm – this week, nada. It’s completely disapeared from the listings for some reason. Bit of a bummer when you consider they were only on episode three!

I kinda want to know what happens – yes, the show is crappy, but I’m still curious as to how it all pans out. I know I could get the DVDs from Play for £15, but frankly? I don’t want to spend the money because it’s not like I’m gonna watch them over again.

So yes, any one know why Sky Three just stopped mid season? Their website is being very unhelpful 🙁

2 thoughts on “Hexed out?

  1. What did you just say? *angel*

    But I want to watch it on my TV *pout*

    I’m mainly just curious why they suddenly stopped showing it. Very odd.

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