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  1. Sorry Spooky, but it’s gonna remain cryptic for some time to come. If you (or anyone else) is REALLY curious shoot me an email. I might answer or I might not.

    And glad you noticed. It’s a good philosophy to live by I find 😀

  2. Cryptic, cryptic, cryptic. And because I can’t stand not knowing things, an email has been fired off.

    Not that I really expect you to respond to it. 😛 As I recall from previous correspondence with you (or lack thereof…!), you’re terrible at responding to emails (promptly or at all).

  3. By the way.. Iunno if you’ll even get the email I sent you. I sent it to the Gmail address you gave to me a long while back. Do you still use that one, or should I bug you via the contact form? 🙂

  4. “Gulp”?

    What’s his name? 😉

    And “regret nothing”… I’ve only one thing that I might regret. That is a good philosophy to live by.

  5. Josh – yes I got the email (that addy is still my main one). And give me a few days to answer before you start bugging me 😀

    Jay – whoever said anything about a guy?

  6. You saw through my cunning ruse. It was a guy.

    And silly is good 😀 Silly is how I was feeling last night. Silly and very, very fatalistic.

  7. You saw through my cunning ruse. It was a guy.

    I knew that. I’m very intuitive like that. 🙂

    And silly is my middle name… or perhaps goofy would be more appropriate.

  8. My Hobbit Vikings could get you across that pond… for a fee, of course. The Hobbit Vikings Guild has to care for their own, after all!

    (I’ve been playing far too much Baldur’s Gate 2 lately…)

  9. Well, the married man couldn’t take the risk on joining the expedition. And you want him to tell the Hobbit Vikings they are sailing to the Solent to see you? They wouldn’t leave!

    So unless you’ve got Snow White envy best not to tell them and slip them a buck or two for their trouble.

  10. Lol!

    You might actually have a point there.

    Then again, they could become my body guards to defend me from the adoring masses and the paparazzi who haunt my every step…

  11. *Doh, ignore the “my” in the previous comment. I was constructing another sentence in my mind whilst typing that one out… Always dangerous.

  12. Hmm, I’m not sure. It really depends on how much motivation [money] they get. It also depends on how much food they have available onboard. If they lose their second breakfast, elevensies, afternoon tea, etc., their speed is dramatically affected (and their temperment).

    Their human brethren were able to make a 700-800 mile trip in about a week, I believe, or a little less – I’ll have to look it up.

  13. Depends on the season as well – go at the wrong time of year and the currents etc will be against you – rowing all the way would not be fun I imagine.

  14. What is the going rate for hiring Hobbit Vikings? Good question.

    I’m guessing they’re going to ask for more than minimum wage – even at my meager salary (which is actually quite high for my basic job spec) you’re looking at £7.50 or £8 an hour.

    But you wouldn’t be hiring just on Hobbit Viking – you’d be hiring a entire band/crew/hoard (what is the appropriate collective noun?) – that’s gonna cost a bit more.

    And my brain now hurts with the maths, but I doubt it would be cheap.

  15. Surely they will be working in old money? A few guineas to spend in the taverns after pulling into port should appease them.

  16. I think if one were to do the math (which I won’t, because we hates math, my precioussss), the actual monetary payment would be far less than the cost of feeding them. 6-7 meals a day, multiplied by 30-40 hobbit Vikings… that’s going to add up, and fast.

  17. A few guineas wouldn’t get them very far in Southampton *grumble, grumble, mutter, mutter*

    And you still haven’t said what the collective noun for a group of Viking Hobbits, is?

  18. Shhh. That’s because I don’t know! 😉

    The mini-hoard? Wee-raiders? Historically, a lot of the Viking raiders were referred to simply as “northmen”, so maybe just “shortmen”?

  19. In the latest of Moose’s animal impressions that you have to see – geese. She was trying to convince me that a gaggle was scary – I’m still not totally sure, but ‘gaggle of stoutmen’ has a certain ring to it.

    Josh, they’re your Hobbit Vikings, really it’s up to you.

  20. the funniest thing about my geese impression was the bemused look on the Latvian Lovely’s face at why you were laughing so much.

  21. Ah, give it some time. She’ll soon be tuned back onto my weird wavelength – she has been in Latvia for the past year after all 😀

    Also I was just in a funny mood last night – most anything would have got me giggling.

    Not that I am disparaging your goose impression: it was very good. Conveyed the menacing nature of a gaggle of geese very well, even though you only used one arm…

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