All I want for Christmas…

All I want for Christmas is a tea-cosy.

It was realising this just now that made me face the fact – I am a sad, sad sod and I really need to get a life.

13 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas…

  1. Being an American and not being into tea much, I didn’t know what a tea-cosey was. So I googled it. And after seeing images of a bunch of ’em…

    Why on earth would you want such a thing? 😛 😯

  2. Josh, they are hideous I would agree – but they serve a useful purpose: they keep my tea warm. When I make a pot of tea (something I do fairly frequently) there is invariably more tea in the pot than can fit in the mug. But by the time I drain the mug enough to fit in more tea, the tea in the pot has gone cold.

    Now that’s a criminal waste of a good cuppa. Hence, tea cosy.

    And Dan, there’s still a few months till Christmas. I’m sure I can think of plenty other things by then 😀

  3. I have my morning mug (and it’s a latte mug).
    Then I frequently have a cup of tea around 10/10:30
    One mid afternoon.
    Sometimes I’ll have one when I get home and one later on in the evening (never after 9pm though – unless I’m pulling an all nighter – or it keeps me awake).

    Most days I drink about three cups. More if I’m bored/cold/sick. If I have a cold and/or lost my voice I basically chain-drink tea as it’s the only thing that helps.

    When I’m at home I like to use a pot because it just tastes that bit better 🙂

  4. Ah, okay. Not *that* much, then. The way you talked about tea, I thought maybe you chain-drank it all day. 🙂

    I actually drink more coffee a day than you do tea, on average. I average about 4-5 cups of coffee a day.

  5. It does depend on the situation.

    Today for example I’m already on my fourth cup and I expect there will be a few more before the day is out.

    I like my tea (a lot) but I prefer to savour it. Take my time over a cup – I might actually have to take a teapot into work… or is that just really sad?

  6. If I was at a work place that didn’t have a coffee pot, I’d either take a thermos full of coffee with me, or a coffee pot. 😛 So either 1) it’s not sad or 2) we’re both pathetic.

  7. Ah, but I can make tea at work as there’s a kettle etc – but making it in the mug by dunking the tea bag doesn’t make the BEST cuppa. So you see, I would be going above and beyond…

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