Sunday Roast: I like fluffy

I do hope you enjoy this week’s Roast – I enjoyed writing it, though I have to wonder why the blogging gods hate me so much. I have insane amounts of other things to do this weekend, so they conspire to give me oodles of roastable material. In the weeks when I am bored out my tiny little mind I get like three articles to write about. This week? Safari nearly collapses under the load of tabs I have open.

Clearly I haven’t been talking enough about penguins lately and they are punishing me.

Read and comment at your leisure. I am off to wrestle another couple of thousand lines of html. Shoot me. Now.

Run all you like… you cannot escape the T-Rex of Love!!

Ever mindful of my desire to leave the country and suspiciously eager to help, Moose used her arcane skills and found out that Taranaki was actively looking for people – they even had a job fair in Southampton! (which I found out about too late to go to 🙁 ) One job description that made me laugh was that of Mind Motivation Workshop Assistant. I can just see that conversation: “for yes, I am emigrating to New Zealand, to become a Mind Motivation Workshop Assistant”.

I don’t carry my laptop around with me any more but if I did, I would so love one of these cases! Fluffier and cuter by far than my current grey wetsuit material sleeve.

I know I’m a clutz, but at least I never stuck my elbow through a Picasso. Dingbat!

Longleat safari park (good place to visit btw) has a prosthetic wheel. Ah, the miracles of modern veterinary medicine. I wonder if the other tortoises bully her or try to steal her hub-cap whilst she’s sleeping?

(And as an aside, has anyone else noticed how tabloid-y the BBC News headlines are getting?)

Women of the future will have perfect breasts. Apparently. The whole study reads to me like the guy’s read too much Asimov (Caves of Steel, Robots of Dawn etc) and Wells. But perhaps he’s a genuine scientist. Doing an honest an unbiased study for Bravo. (If you can’t sense the sarcasm oozing from my keyboard then I’m clearly not as good a writer as I’d thought).

Pooey. I am never back home when the interesting things happen – my favourite author (Iain Banks) was at the Wells Festival of Literature recently. To be honest I wasn’t even aware Wells HAD a literature festival – with a truly horrendous website.

If you were ever looking at a way to get the crap kicked out of your child and to scar them for life, look no further. And yes, pun intended.

Another film that’s tickled my fancy this week – The Good German

Being the remarkably organized person that I am, one summer back when I was 14 or 15 I decided to list all the books I owned on a spreadsheet. Always one to do the job properly, I listed ISBNs as well. Now this spreadsheet has grown with me and now catalogues most of the 500+ books I own and that aren’t squirreled away in the loft somewhere. I say most, because I’ve been lax about updating it of late. I’ve tried other book cataloguing software – Delicious Library and Bookpedia for two – but the free versions of these limit the number you can import and I’m not anal enough to spend money on the software. I recently discovered LibraryThing however and was VERY impressed with their import feature – just select the spreadsheet and press upload. It finds the ISBN’s for itself, goes hunting Amazon and other places for itself, and then presents it all too you. Even with Delicious Library I had to tweak the spreadsheet slightly before I could import. Have a look at my books (and no sniggering, at least not in public). It says you can only import 200 books on the free version, but somehow it’s listed all that were on the spreadsheet. Sweet 😀

I ordered some more Moo Cards the other day (my 10 free excited me) and I *was* going to use them as business card type thingies, then I saw this idea of making Moo-gnets. Not sure our fridge has enough room left on it what with the alphabet letters and so on, but ooooooh! This is a great idea!

And lastly, don’t forget, 9rules round 5 is here on the 25th – if you’re wondering what membership might get you, David Seah has explained it all so I don’t have to. It really is all about the people.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: I like fluffy

  1. all news media have ‘dead donkey’ stories, I don’t think that makes them automatically tabloid-y – though I agree, the BBC have been steadily getting worse for a while now, both online and on tv.

  2. I’m going to try and sign up for 9rules this round, we’ll see how that goes.

    I love my Moo cards, I handed my first one out last night in fact. People think they’re cute and clever!

  3. I’ve sadly yet to meet anyone to whom I can give out a Moo card 🙁 I live in hope of the day a guy asks for my phone number but *shrug* till that day comes I can sit and gloat over my shiny Moo cards. My preciousssss…

    And good luck with round 5 😀

  4. Got to love Steve Wynn’s comment “Thank goodness it was me.” Prompting the imagery that he would have had any other perpetrator shot.

    The worrying thing about the costume is that it is out of stock. You can guarantee that there are rowdy teens who will make use of such public conveniences given the opportunity.

    I’m not quite sure what the Human species may split in two article is doing on the BBC. Now that is tabloid-y (also doesn’t name the reporter). Notice that it isn’t filed under Science/Nature or Entertainment. Just sitting in limbo as a UK article. Weird.
    Anyhow, it is a wonderfully entertaining piece, setting it up a real news story with slight undertones of mocking: “dim-witted, ugly, squat goblin-like creatures.” And then just in case some underclass creature is reading the story it puts in the disclaimer at the end.

  5. I am never back home when the interesting things happen – my favourite author (Iain Banks) was at the Wells Festival of Literature recently.

    That sucks. I missed Barrymore (well, he’s famous, at least) and KT Tunstall in Newbury recently.

    Nice catalog on LT. I’ve been preaching LT to anyone and everyone recently. Oh and we share 5 books! Unfortunately, two are Dan Brown and two are kids’ books – leaving Sophie’s World.

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