I apologise to Bush supporters for the following.
Then again, you should be used to this kind of thing by now.

A Riddle

On his trip to Great Britain, George Bush had a meeting with Queen Elizabeth. He asked her, “How does one manage to run a country so smoothly?”

“That’s easy,” she replied, “You surround yourself with intelligent ministers and advisors.”

“But how can I tell whether they are intelligent or not?” he inquired.

“You ask them a riddle,” she replied, and with that she pressed a button and said, “Would you please send Tony Blair in.”

When Blair arrived, the Queen said, “I have a riddle for you to answer for me. Your parents had a child and it was not your sister and it was not your brother. Who was this child?”

Blair replied, “That’s easy. The child was me.”

“Very good,” said the Queen, “You may go, now.”

So President Bush went back to Washington and called in his Vice President, Dick Chaney. He said to him, “I have a riddle for you, and the answer is very important. Your parents had a child and it was not your sister and it was not your brother. Who was this child?”

Chaney replied, “Yes, it is clearly very important that we determine the answer, as no child must be left behind. Can I deliberate on this for a while?”

“Yes,” said Bush, “I’ll give you four hours to come up with the answer.”

So Chaney went and called a meeting of the White House Staff, and asked them the riddle. But after much discussion and many suggestions, none of them had a satisfactory answer. So he was quite upset, not knowing what he would tell the President.

As Chaney was walking back to the Oval Office, he saw former Secretary of State Colin Powell approaching him. So he said, “Mr. Secretary, can you answer this riddle for me. Your parents had a child and it was not your sister and it was not your brother. Who was the child?”

“That’s easy,” said Powell, “The child was me.”

“Oh thank you,” said Chaney, “You may just have saved me my job!”

So Chaney went in to the Oval Office and said to President Bush, “I think I know the answer to your riddle. The child was Colin Powell!”

“No, you idiot!” shouted Bush, “The child was Tony Blair!”

14 thoughts on “Riddle

  1. lol. πŸ™‚ Also, regarding this:

    I apologise to Bush supporters for the following.

    Don’t apologize. Anyone supporting Bush needs to be reminded often of how bloody stupid he is.

    Me? Liberal? Never! πŸ˜‰

  2. I wish I could take credit for this – alas, I can’t. It’s actually been circling on email so Moose is ultimately responsible.

    I posted more as a way of showing I am still alive as opposed to anything else. Due to tight deadlines for work I am monumentally snowed under right now – not much company and shite at keeping in contact with people.

    On the plus side, I’m still wonderful and am still capable of making y’all laugh πŸ˜€

  3. Ah, I was beginning to wonder. πŸ˜›

    Disclaimer: The smilie doesn’t do justice to how far the comment needs it to be poking its tongue out.

  4. Such as how many wars?
    The country now has a debt deficit of how much?

    I could go on but I won’t because this isn’t a political blog, but I challenge the ‘get things done’ statement I’m afraid. And the ‘smart enough to get himself elected twice’ because he shouldn’t have gotten elected in the first place!

    But enough. This will get us no where and mercifully you Americans have term limits so at least we won’t be seeing him again. Not that the successors are exactly bringing joy to my heart…

    Oh, for Martin Sheen and the West Wing πŸ˜€

  5. One doesnÒ€ℒt have to be smart to be elected President, they just need stupid voters.

    Which we seem to have plenty of, apparently. πŸ˜› But I digress. I won’t make Cas’ blog a political shootout ground.

    *respectfully abandons ship*

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