You Feisty Wench!

Apparently I’m a feisty wench.

I was assured this was a compliment but I’m having my doubts…

In class this evening we first looked at a section of dialogue from Sense and Sensibility (the bit where Lucy Steele tells Eleanor Dashwood that she’s secretly engaged to Edward Ferras) and because the rest of my class are chickens I ended up with the part of Lucy. The teacher noted she didn’t mind picking on me because I have no problem reading aloud.

Anyway, my little turn as Lucy earned me a few thumbs up (I do my best) and then we turned to Much Ado.

The teacher introduced the various characters in the first few pages: Leonarto; the Messenger; Hero; and Beatrice. I’ve always had a soft spot for Beatrice as she has some gumption. As the teacher described her, she’s witty, intelligent, fast and brave. She sparkles on the page, giving as good as she gets.

Kinda like myself 😉

Then came the time to assign parts. As already mentioned, most of the people in my class are cowards, refusing to speak up or read sections. I wouldn’t have minded taking the part of Beatrice because she’s fun, but I’d already done my bit that class. Whilst I am a brazen hussy who’s overly fond of her own voice and isn’t afraid to speak up, I don’t want to take over.

After much silence, the tutor assigns the roles of Leonarto and the Messenger, then comes to Beatrice. Silence.

The P chimes in with “Oh, you do it Cas – you’re a feisty wench”.

Clearly, I’ve made more of an impression in that quarter than I’d figured (yay! 😉 ) but really – feisty wench?! He rapidly followed it with a “in a good way! It’s a good thing!” when most of the class just stared at him. I just dissolved into giggles.

Honestly, what kind of impression are people getting of me?! I’ve been called a few things online a time or three – mainly comments about my gutter-like brain and sheer inability not to flirt – but no one’s pegged me quite so succinctly in an offline setting before. Well, at least they’ve never said it to my face.

Feisty wench indeed.

10 thoughts on “You Feisty Wench!

  1. Not sure it is possible to compliment a woman by calling her any variety of wench although feisty is the best kind. Meant on a par with cheeky bastard I’ll wager.

  2. I was choosing it as a compliment – something along the lines of someone’s got to feel comfortable/friendly with you before they can cheerfully insult you.

    And in the context of the discussion, wench was appropriate. We were discussing Shakespeare after all, and the tutor had just described Beatrice as a ‘wench’ to a certain degree.

    That’s how I’m choosing to take it any way 😀

  3. I’d love to be called a feisty wench. Cuz lets face it – those are great words. Up there along with trashy and filthy!

  4. Hell, I’m the girl who found it amusing to be called a shameless hussy, so we all know my priorities are a little screwed!

  5. I like feisty wench. It suit you(in a nice way, in a nice way, please don’t send the penguins after me….)

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