Sunday Roast: can’t you just talk about melons and Shi Tzu’s instead?

Before you all go scratching your brain for the provenance of the title quote (does anyone still do that out of curiosity?) it’s a 24 carat illyna/MiniStar/Cas/assorted-other-collective-members gem from last night. There was another even better totally random quote inspired by Family Fortunes and the Osmonds, but alas no one can remember it 🙁

Also, this week’s Roast contains things from the past fortnight due to last week’s jaunting. Despite this it’s really rather short – either my cynical/humour receptors are set to ‘hard to impress’ or it’s been a slow couple of weeks. Ah well, enjoy anyway. If anyone has anything else they’ve spotted lately that they want to share, comments are open as always 🙂

Um, can I go back to school please?

Blogging must be good, Tim Berners-Lee says so.

Fast condoms on sale in South Africa. I don’t really need to add anything to that headline now, do I?

Everyone, including peppers, looks better when they smile. What I want to know is, was it tasty?

Ever had a premonition? Now, I’m in a dilemma with this movie. Normally I am totally oblivious when it comes to thrillers/murder-mysteries/stories-with-a-twist, but lately I’ve been getting scarily perceptive. I got the twist in The Prestige really rather quickly, so spent the majority of the movie waiting for the obvious. Not that I didn’t enjoy the movie, (lots of Hugh Jackman, yummy), but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I could have. And with Premonition I already have an inkling as to the twist/outcome… Maybe if it’s a slow week at the cinema.

Turns out, pasties are from Devon… *runs and hides from illyna*

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