What they never tell you about RSI

When they give the spiel on the evils of RSI, they never tell you the following: that getting RSI and the subsequent nerve damage can lead to uncontrollable small tremors in your hands.

We’re not talking full on Parkinson’s scale tremors here, just teeny shakes barely noticeable to the eye, and certainly in no way impairing to day to day activities.

Unless, that is, you want to use liquid eyeliner.

Then you’re on your own and heading into Clown’s-Ville.


*reaches for the make-up remover for the tenth time*

Sometimes I wonder why I even bother.

6 thoughts on “What they never tell you about RSI

  1. You get (if your hand is steady enough) a darker, neater, and more defined line – especially on the upper lid. A bit more “WOW” factor.

    Some days I can put it on perfectly first time. Alas, those days are rare. Or I can get it perfect on one eye then I try the other and…

    Yeah, the pencil is easier, I will give it that 😀

  2. K, what exactly is RSI? Know of any useful links to learn more. My index fingers tremble almost constantly, just as you described, barely noticeable while looking.

  3. Yup…people think I’m just nervous when I’m serving them things at the restaurant. It plays hell when I’m serving soup to customers.

  4. It’s not just the trembling – when I am in the middle of an attack I cannot grip anything, move my wrist, and am in constant pain. There’s two general sorts of RSI: one that effects the tendons (tendonitis) which can be made to feel better with anti-inflammatories and rest. The second is problems with the nerves. All you can do for that is, well, not type!

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