I just saw Casino Royale with Moose and the Latvian Lovely. I do recommend seeing the film if only to oggle Daniel Craig’s absolutely perfect body. The man is, well, divine in this movie.

Always knew he’d make a good Bond.

And for those whose preferences run to the other gender, there is always Eva Green who is also looking so stunningly beautiful I’d do her.

The slightly worrying thing however is that my biggest sigh of lust in the entire film was not reserved for either Mr Craig or Ms. Green. It was for the mind-blowingly gorgeous Aston Martin DBS that Bond is issued with and, in true Bond tradition, writes-off in about five minutes flat. (I think I was more upset about the fate of the car than I was about the fate of James Bond).

I’m not a petrol head by any stretch of the imagination but this car…

*weeps in despair*

I want!

I’ve always had a think for Aston Martin’s and the classic British cars – a good old E-type Jag is another that is guaranteed to get me swooning into the passenger seat – something I think is probably due to watching the earlier Bond movies when I was far too young. Maybe Bond didn’t always drive one, but the DB5 is still the quintessential car to me.

So modern cars have the safety, the fuel economy, and the road handling and the yada yada yada. Ferrari’s, Porsche’s and Lamborghini’s have the raw muscle. BMW’s and Mercedes have the money and the prestige. But these Aston’s (and Jag’s) have style. They are so ravishing it almost hurts.

It’s never going to happen this side of Hell turning into an ice rink, but if I somehow do manage to get my hands on one of these cars, don’t for the life of you think I’m going to be happy keeping to the passenger’s side. Oh no, it would be the driving seat all the way baby!

Well, everyone knows the passenger seat is also an ejector seat… πŸ˜‰

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11 thoughts on “Double-Oh-Yum

  1. I actually drove a DB5 once. Unfortunately I don’t have a driver’s licence, so the outing was limited to a stretch of private property. We did take if for a good spin on real roads afterwards.

    The experience? Breathtaking. I wouldn’t have trusted to drive it to Monte Carlo without a good AA insurance, but the leather, the dashboard – it even had an old 8-track with Beatles cassettes.

    In short, that was fun.

  2. *is green with envy*

    I think the closest I’m ever going to get to an Aston or an E-type is if/when my brother gets one. He’s been threatening to for many a year now. Problem is, if he got one, there’s NO WAY he’d let me drive it!

    Thinking about it, the Crazy Canalman drives a Jag… But it’s a boring executive model one and doesn’t even have leather seats. What a let down πŸ™ Then again, he’s been waiting for decades to be in the position to have one, so I shouldn’t really begrudge it him.

    Here’s a question for you – does Cas want to get her grubby mits on one of the above cars because they are beautiful, iconic, and a dream to drive? Or because when she was at school she was forced to be picked up in tatty Citroen’s when all around her the car park was filled with more Mercedes’ than you could shake a stick at?

    Ooh, the scars of being the local scholarship girl at Hogwarts (most of my peers would have been right at home in Slytherin House) πŸ˜‰

  3. Glad I could make your day [grin].

    I suppose I’m too new a kid on the Bright Meadow block to reasonably distinguish between the catalogue of Lurid Latvians, Poncy Poles and Crazy Canalmen (I imagine some Oxford punter?), so I can’t advise you on that.

    As for the cars, I’d like to think it’s because of your inherent sense of style, not out of lowly envy. Now, if you’d been brought to school in a Mini Metro, that would have been cause for trauma. Citroëns are cool. Bond drove a 2CV in For Your Eyes Only! So there.

  4. There is a handy Who’s Who written for just these instances, Nils πŸ˜€

    (The Crazy Canalman is my father and is so called because he lives on a narrowboat and is more than a little… odd. No need to wonder where I get it from any more!)

    And I was taken to school in a Mini Metro for years. Thank you for reminding me… πŸ™

  5. I am now in love with Eva Green

    Quite understandable. I’m more than a little smitten myself.

    But Daniel Craig… He will always be my one true love.

  6. Sawyer is just a smidgeon too mean to be favourite. Wouldn’t push him out of bed in the morning though πŸ˜‰

    And what about Johnny and Hugh? Can’t be forgetting them. There is room in my heart for more than one true love.

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