And so it continues…


When will I learn that my constant quest for new readers generally leads to, you know, new readers?

And that Moo cards are sneaky and evil.

Last time I went back to the Homestead I cleared my bookshelves of the books I wanted with me in Southampton. Among the many Georgette Heyer’s, Tom Sharpe’s, Wyndham’s and Asimov’s were, of course, my beloved Iain Banks. I set myself down to read The Crow Road once more and was struck, as ever, by the opening line.

“It was the day my grandmother exploded”.

I knew then and there that this book had to be shared and that P would probably enjoy it. Even more to the point I knew I’d enjoy discussing it afterwards – that is half the fun of sharing books you’ve loved, after all.

Without thinking I thrust a moo card into the book as a bookmark (no corner-turning in the Meadow Towers Household, thank you very much!), bundled it into the box with the other books, and forgot about it till a week later as I was getting ready for college. The book went into my bag and I didn’t realise the moo card was still in there till P opens the book and goes “oooh, what’s this…”


Hopes that he might not be the inquisitive type were dashed this evening when he announced “your website is very cool”.

From a brief discussion it turns out the last thing he read before going to the South of France for a holiday (lucky bugger) was me enumerating how I’m not cute. As a parting shot this evening he announced that he was going to read more of the website…

Which means he will be greeted with such gems as the need for me to hide my lascivious eyes, my Aston Martin fetish and (of course) the ubiquitous breast post.

Please answer me this question – how am I meant to look him in the eye next Wednesday?

More and more I am starting to doubt the wisdom of this whole “blogging my life” malarkey. Yes I’m an adorable scatterbrain who just needs to be loved, but do I really need my class mates, work colleagues and family reading this? Then again, it’s a bit late to stop now 😀

As an aside, P needs a better blog-name. The Man Who Called Me Feisty is a bit unwieldy for day-to-day use.

5 thoughts on “And so it continues…

  1. It’s reasons such as this why I’m sort of scarce with details about my life. I prefer that if someone wants to know more about me, they can ask. But then again, if one reads between the lines, I can be read like a book.

  2. What’s a Moo card?

    And what’s this about ubiquitous breasts? I think we should hear more on that topic.

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