Chicken Soup for the Masses

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Damn it.

I got sent home from work at lunchtime today. Apparently I was just too pathetic to be taken seriously again 🙁

The problem with being sick, and sent home, is that I want to cook things. Nourishing things. Like chicken soup (don’t mock – I make a mean chicken soup!). So I slave away in the kitchen, make a lovely big batch of chicken soup, and when it’s ready to eat I… Don’t want to eat it.

There’s only so much room in my freezer and Moose can’t help eat it because it’s got almonds in it.

Er, anyone want to come round mine for some free, and tasty, soup?

9 thoughts on “Chicken Soup for the Masses

  1. Errr…does Fed Ex or UPS allow food to be sent over from UK to Australia?

    You get some rest then. Plenty of water, two aspirins and call me in the morning. 😛

  2. I just had a bowl of the soup and, as I thought, it was rather tasty. Spicy and warming. Consider the both of you served with a bowl of zen-soup: the soup I’d serve if you were here and I could serve you, but you’re not and I can’t.


  3. If I hurry now, I’m in Brussels in 35 minutes, just in time to catch the last Eurostar out and in Ashford at 9:04 p.m. That soup looks super-delicious! Dang, I think I just missed it.

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