Bright Cast: take six

Well, better late than never. It gives me great pleasure to bring you the lastest episode of the Bright Cast.

Due to my voice being on holiday lately, and Neko owing me one in order to get the Ninja Penguins off her back (that’ll teach the girl to tell the godhead about this blog!) I decided that not only am I no longer going to be writing content for the blog, I’m also no longer going to speak content for the blog. If I continue at this rate I’ll be able to retire from this blogging gig for good!

So I kidnapped Neko, tied her down in front of the microphone, and gave her the script that Tristan wrote.

Here’s one more lovely British lady for y’all to fall in love with:

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15 thoughts on “Bright Cast: take six

  1. Ooooh, I’ve been waiting for this. Quite a long time, actually…

    I have to say, it’s very strange hearing someone read aloud words you’ve written. They pause in different places and put stress in different parts of sentences, and generally make it sound completely different from how it does when it’s in your head. Not that I’m criticising in the least — it’s interesting to learn how other people read things.

    For the record though, if we’re looking for continuity from the previous episode, the “Hello” at the end should have been said in a northern accent…

  2. Yeah well, a month + 1 week from receiving an email to me doing something about it? That’s quite good for me!

    In the reading some bits did have to be tweaked slightly – what reads well on the page sometimes just doesn’t translate to narration.

    The lack of a northern accent is my bad. I didn’t brief Neko properly on what had gone before (plus I’d forgotten *blush* ).

    But I hope you enjoyed it none the less.

    Now we need the next installment – ideas anyone?

  3. I can do a brummie accent for you next time if you like. Just make sure we record just after I’ve been to visit my parents for a week, then it will be good and strong. Kipper tie anyone? 😀

  4. I could’ve done northern, had I been told (grrr). I am northern, I just disguise it well but the discerning might spot my short vowels!

  5. LOL!

    Now, I have a question for you all, and I want you to answer honestly – who actually listens to the Bright Cast?

    I know Moose doesn’t because she has this weird thing about not wanting to read my fiction because it is ‘too personal’ – we’ll ignore for now the fact she willingly reads my personal blog. And that I don’t actually write the Bright Cast!

    I also know Neko doesn’t for reasons she wasn’t too clear on (but might have something to do with technical difficulties and being in internet-free for most of the summer).

    What about the rest of you? ‘Fess up now, I don’t bite. Much 😉

  6. I will listen now I can make odeo work right. I had issues with it. Firefox behaves so much nicer than IE.

    My name should finally be blue not black!

    Tee hee. Cas now has to go update the usual suspects page and make me all linky-riffic


  7. “Don’t bite much”? Good to know, I guess. 😉

    I listen somewhat. I missed the first few and I haven’t been following the story to the fullest. I listened to this one just to hear your raspy voice mainly. 😛

  8. I listened to this one just to hear your raspy voice mainly.

    A girl uses whatever she has at her disposal.

    Cas now has to go update the usual suspects page and make me all linky-riffic

    Done 😀

  9. Neko: you will, no doubt, be overjoyed to know that you didn’t come across as the slightest bit northern. A rather good rendition in fact, I thought.

    Cas: I listen to them, obviously. Having done my bit, I’ll be interested to see where people take the story from here (unless I’m invited back for future guest appearances, of course). Now, where’s that story development wiki you promised us? 😛

    P.S. Les had high blood pressure.

    P.P.S. How come you moved “By now, dear listener…”? I thought it worked well with the episode ending on a dramatic, um, thud….

  10. Tristan, dealing with the PPS first – we tried it in lots of different places (all evidence to the contrary we did work on it for several hours!) and whilst we could agree that the section didn’t work where it was (in the middle) we couldn’t work out where it should be (beginning or end), but we knew it had to be in there somewhere. The end seemed to work best when read out. Ideally it would actually work as the start of the next segment but, well, we didn’t want to loose it.

    As for the development wiki – shh! That’s meant to be all secret-squirrel! (Which means it fell by-the-by because I forgot about it/had too many other things going on at once).

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