Sunday Roast: is parsley scarier than nutmeg?

My thanks go to Josh for kicking off this week’s Sunday Roast: Little Penguins are being fitted with blue shoes at a New Zealand zoo to protect their feet.

There have been recent calls in the UK for a voluntary code of practice for blogs. Is such a code needed? Should all blogs really adhere to the journalistic model? Will it stifle free speech or engender more honest writing? Discuss…

Not sure what to do with those Moo cards you couldn’t resist ordering? Or, like me, are you having to carry them round in a business-card case that doesn’t do the job OR show them off to their best? Why not make some moo tins. (I’d love to make some Moo tins, but I can’t find the UK equivalent of the necessary containers 🙁 )

Quebec is now a nation within a united Canada. Woot?

Have you asked yourself lately how’s your online IQ? I know we’re all guilty here – there’s so many egos running round the Internet I’m surprised there’s room in the comments for all of us 😉

I keep saying this, but I do that because it is true – I love photos and old albums because of the stories they can tell us, even of complete strangers.

Work these last couple of weeks has suddenly gone from ‘very busy’ to ‘totally and utterly insane’ and is looking like it won’t stop till it reaches ‘go have a nervous breakdown because you’re never going to get everything done’. Ok, so I do my best work when I’m under pressure. I actually enjoy tight deadlines because it means I can justifiably have a little grumble and feel hard done too, but I haven’t had a holiday since April and even that was just a week. Right now I’m running on empty and literally counting the days till Christmas not because of the holiday/presents/seeing family but because I will be able to sleep for a week. All of which makes me think that David has the right idea with three tasks a day…

Still wondering what to get me for Christmas, I think this FooBar poster would look mighty fine on my wall 😉

Sir Rod Eddington has proposed that motorists pay road tolls to use the nation’s road network. I’m sorry, but isn’t that what I am paying my road tax for already?

This is gleefully nicked from Jay: how to make a 3d snowflake.

And finally, because I feel that these things are best shared, I bring you The Order of the Stick comic. Neko just introduced me to it last week and, thanks to her, I’ve been consistently nearly missing my bus all week because I’ve got reading it in the morning. Grrr! (It’s very funny though, especially if you’ve got even a smidgeon of a D&D background).

8 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: is parsley scarier than nutmeg?

  1. Ironically, Malaysia is also calling for all local bloggers to be registered. Much like what China is doing. On one hand it does force bloggers to maintain a certain code of conduct and responsibility when it comes to blogging. On the other hand, having such a thing for the purpose of monitoring and possibly opening up bloggers to prosecution from the law (eg. Malaysia’s Sedition Act) stifles freedom of speech which is a no no.

    Such things like this aren’t necessary anyway, one way or another, bloggers seem to take care of their own. It’s that whole mass ability for your readers to speak their own mind as you can as well. At the end of it, things that aren’t right would be weened out. Code of conduct or not, every blogger already adheres to that on an unconscious level, more so if they are blog readers as well.

  2. you had to link to the pretty 3d snowflake didn’t you… you know how easily distracted I am!!!! You can be sure there will be a few of those around the Towers now (once I’ve worked out how to make them).

    Earlier in the week, while they were still discussing whether Quebec should be a nation within Canada, the leader of Bloc Quebecois called for the language to be changed to: “Quebec is a nation currently in Canada” (emphasis added). I just loved that. So typical of French Canadians (and that’s meant in a nice way) 🙂

    And finally, penguins with pretty shoes. There’s just nothing to say to that. 😀

  3. The Penguin boots are so cool. Mind you, penguins are generally cool.

    I apologize totally for oots. It’s not my fault Rich Burlew is such a funny guy. Let me know when you get caught up: I don’t want to talk to you about it and spoil the plot twists!!


  4. Edrei:

    Every blogger already adheres to that on an unconscious level

    That I would give qualified agreement to and is closest to my own views on the issue. Though an argument could be made that a code could PROTECT bloggers to some degree.

    Moose: Blame Jay, and why do you think I linked to them in the first place? They’re far too complex for me to make! *devil*

    Neko: At the rate I’m going we’ll be talking soon! I’m about half way through right now… All good 😀

  5. Yay! Did you get to the ‘less clothes makes you harder to spot’ moment yet?

    I almost DIED reading that strip.

    I read it in the lab and then realise I’m chortling away foolishly to myself and everyone is looking at me….

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