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Woot for paychecks for freelance work that unexpectedly arrive just before Christmas when the bank account is at an all time low.

Woot I say!

Now I just need to restrain myself and put it all in the savings account and not go on a huge spree – though I did spend a happy fifteen minutes at work today comparing flight and hotel costs… Oh, for my holiday! I’m bigging it up in my head so much right now that when I finally do get to go on it, it is bound to be a huge let down. Because I doubt I’m going to get round to it till at least April and that’s four months of hype to get through!

But I don’t care. For the first time in ever I have (or am starting to have) disposable income. I have a job where I get holiday pay. I have no other ties. I really am in the perfect position to f*** off on my own for two weeks to some remote and far flung destination.

I just need to pick that destination – Montreal or New Zealand? Both have their plus points, both have their down sides.

But yes, Woot says I.

Er, is it too soon to start packing? *angel*

9 thoughts on “Woot!

  1. Everyone seems to be jetting off to New Zealand at the moment. It’s really odd. Why is it suddenly such an attractive destination? Or have I only just noticed, and it always has been?

    I’d like to go to Tokyo, personally. I might even do just that some time next year once I have some savings! It’s nearly ten years since I was last abroad. Far too long!

  2. Hmmm, Cas is a bit frazzled at the moment (no leave since April wasn’t it ?) Tokyo might be a bit hectic… Why not save by not going as far but book in somewhere really plush in the UK? Just you, a nice spa hotel and lots of books? Or in a cool city like Edinburgh?

    Just my two pennies 🙂


  3. Are we voting here? You know where I stand for a vacation spot! 😉

    Disposable income is awesome, I had a minimal amount some time ago… a long time ago, actually. 🙁

  4. Rich – yeah, Tokyo would be a good place to go, but I’d want to go with someone (if they spoke Japanese even better!) I have no aversion to traveling alone, but I’d much rather prefer if it was a place I could speak the language. And as for NZ, LotR has a lot to answer for, but I’ve always wanted to go even before the film. Honestly! I don’t know why I want to go, I just do.

    Neko – yup it was last April: Toronto for a week and straight back to work the day after I landed so what with jet lag and everything it took me TWO weeks to get over the holiday! Still, happy memories 😀 Just me, a spa, and books does seem very tempting to me right now. After Christmas I’m gonna have 5 days left of my leave for this year (the problem with starting a new job halfway through the year is only getting a portion of your leave 🙁 ) so I might take that off in Jan/Feb and just sit at home for the duration sleeping or something.

    Sleep… *sigh* I remember what that was like.

    Surly – why June?

    Jay – Yeah, we’re kind of voting. So you think I should go to NZ then? 😉

  5. I think you need a pre-holiday holiday. You should do the UK/book thing Neko suggested, even if it’s just a long weekend. Go somewhere nice (and not home or the boat), just to re-charge your batteries. That way you won’t spoil your main holiday by spending the first week sleeping!

    Though if we’re playing the ‘I last had a holiday…’ game, my last holiday was a crazy 4 1/2 day cross-Canada road trip in June 2004. Fun, but exhausting. The last restful holiday I had was in April 2000. 🙁

  6. Poor Moose!

    I could play the same game, as with being at Uni and working my holidays all tend to be fieldwork! (or some other thing which is fun, like LARP events that I organise, so technically still working, just unpaid :))

    Pre holiday is good. I’m being dead serious Cas- you go somewhere with funky old stuff and culture if you felt like going out but really luxurious so you could also stay in- save the air fare and blow it on a 5* hotel!

    Surly, Jay- nothing against your side of the pond, but that kind of trek is something poor Cas will need a holiday after to recover!!

  7. A pre-holiday holiday. Oooh, that does sound good. Possibly Edinburgh…

    Neko – that trek to the other side of the pond is exactly what I’m considering: Montreal, NZ, and now Minneapolis in June…

    Ok, I need a better job! I know I said that I had disposable income now, but not THIS much!

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