Five Things You Might Not Know About Me

Ok, this one is going to be hard seeing as how I’ve been writing here at Bright Meadow for several years now and (as long-term readers will verify) I have a tendency to talk about anything and everything.

Therefore, I’m going to clarify Rich’s tag with the word ‘might’, as in “Five things you MIGHT NOT know about me”.

1) The first guy I ‘pulled’ when at Liverpool was Jimmy, the 33 year old Nigerian Post-grad (I’ve never gone for a night out without my glasses since!)
2) Every major relationship in my life has come about thanks to MSN.
3) I am actually excruciatingly shy with an inferiority complex the size of Outer Mongolia.
4) I wrote my first story when I was seven.
5) I’m scared I’m never going to find ‘true love’ and am doomed to die the Crazy Cat Lady.


6) I believe penguins are evil.

So you knew that last about me already, but the mood needed lightening 🙂

I tag – anyone else who’s as busy as I am at work at the moment and frantically looking for a “I’m alive, really” post without having to use those words. Oh, and Jay because I’m nice like that 😀

5 thoughts on “Five Things You Might Not Know About Me

  1. Gee, tanks-a-lot! 😛

    Actually, I’m in the same ever-so-busy situation as you are. I’ve resorted to posts with nothing but links and a little bit of commentary, it’s the best I can do lately… but by the time you read this, I should have the meme posted AND and entry to update you and all on what I’m up to. 🙂

    Oh, and that tidbit about MSN… interesting. Not sure why.

  2. My pleasure as always Jay 😉

    And woot! I forced you to post. Mwhahahaa the power!

    (Why do you think I’m never ON MSN?! That way lies… danger, Will Robinson! 😉 )

  3. Yay. I made you do something just by saying I’d like you to.

    Know what else I’d like? Oh yeah…

    I’m with you on 3, by the way. All the way, baby.

  4. Rich – nice try sweetie, but actually I can be very, very stubborn if I don’t want to do something. Still, fun can always be had trying to persuade me 😉

    Jay – oh you do, you do 😉

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