21 thoughts on “curses

  1. LOL

    It would be worth it if only for the assorted reactions I’m getting.

    They’ve all turned Mother Hen on me at work and it’s brilliant!

  2. No hugging my illyna. She’s mine!

    And yes, face it akanaka, the world is out to get you. Though it’s not really much of a conspiracy when it’s plastered all over my blog. (Darn blogs, they foil so many cunning plans).

  3. Hmm, does that mean your workplace reads your blog, too? Or are we talking about “water cooler” banter here?

  4. Some of the old workplace used to (and still do) read the blog. As for the current workplace I’m not sure. They certainly know of its existence. Some of them even have the URL, but they have yet to comment.

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