Sunday Roast: food you can eat AND play with? Got to be good

Well this is the first Roast of 2007, and more importantly the first Roast in a couple of weeks, so let’s hope it’s worth the wait. I was starting to get a bit jaded towards the end of last year but a few weeks off was just what I needed. I hope you all had an absolutely fantabulous break and are feeling refreshed, revitalized and ready to face whatever this year has in store for you with humour and joy in your heart. I would share with you what I have planned for 2007, but I won’t because things I plan have a long tradition of not happening or going tits-up in a spectacular fashion. Still, if you want to share don’t let my reticence stop you!

First let’s look at some of the films that, from their trailers, have caught my interest:

  • Music and Lyrics – so I’m in that mental space right now where happy, fluffy romantic comedies float my boat. Hugh Grant is always worth it for the yum-factor and Drew Barrymore is also always a joy to watch. Could be good…
  • Factory Girl – the trailer for this biopic of Edie Sedgwick caught my eye before the whole bru-ha-ha in the press. Now I just want to see it even more!
  • 300 – just to reiterate that whilst I like the warm-fuzzies, I also like ‘proper’ films, have at this adaptation of Frank Miller’s graphic novel of the Battle of Thermopylae. Genuine shivers of excitement at this one.
  • Fantastic Four, Rise of the Silver Surfer. Yup, I actually enjoyed the first on a superficial popcorn level. This looks like more of the same (with yummy eye-candy).
  • Shrek The Third – Shrek One and Two were hilarious. Is there still life in the franchise? I’d like to think so. Plus, Puss is just so cute!

Indy is making his comeback (in 2008). Yay! Though I am still having issues with thinking on how a 64 year old can believably turn in the same kind of action from the previous movies.

Y’all ignored my hints prior to Christmas about penguin speakers (I’m very upset). But look! Aren’t these penguin speakers just so adorable?! Just the sort of thing that you’d want to treat your bestest blogging bud with 😉

As Moose said when she sent me the clip – could the French get any odder?

That wonderfully silly film, National Treasure, is getting a sequel. How… silly! But I’m a Nic Cage fan, so it’s a given I’m going to be watching this film at some point. Whilst we’re on the topic however, was there ever a more misleading film poster?! I mean, Nic Cage with a tube strapped to his back – that’s got to be an RPG-launcher, right? Wrong. It’s a map tube. I felt betrayed and violated on so many levels.

So the Royal Mail can’t even deliver a letter from one side of Southampton to the other without fucking it up, but they can deliver a postcard without an address?

I love me a good quote, (btw, no point looking for the provenance of today’s title, it’s a Moose Classic, though points for guessing what food she was talking about) and stumbling across this list of last words got me thinking what my own would be. Guess it depends on how I’m gonna die. “Told you penguins were evil…” would probably be the best. Why not join in others in the game?

As Meadow Towers is a pet-free-zone ( 🙁 ), perhaps this robotic guinea pig would be a good solution? Thinking about it, perhaps not. I have sad memories of finding my last guinea pig beheaded on the front door step when I was six. That kind of image is one that stays with you and can put you off an animal for life.

I like me a good graphic novel on occasion and even Brother Dearest is getting the bug – he spent Christmas buried in V for Vendetta which he’d picked up on a whim while getting my presents (there’s a reason browsing through bookshops will never go out of fashion), but we both have a problem in that, when faced with the sheer mass of titles to choose from we have no idea what to go for. Frank Miller is always a good bet, but he’s only written so many. Which is why recommendations are essential. Anyone got anything else I (and now my brother) should get stuck into?

I’ve noticed something happening on some of the sites I visit regularly – a little preview that appears when I hover over a link. The first time I saw it I thought “ooh, cool!” The second time it was “hmmm, would this work for the Roast?” The third time it was “aw, crap! Not again.” By the fourth and more times I was no longer hovering over links because it was just bugging the hell out of me. Turns out I’m not the only one. Now I’m not being as vitriolic as good ol’ Christian (bless him for bringing the snark) but he and Lorelle do make good points. If you’re using SPA, do take a moment and think why. If you think it brings added value to your blog then keep it. It would be a boring world if we all thought and did the same thing. If you can’t make a valid case however, consider taking it off again?

And to finish the film-theme of this Roast, aren’t films just going to the dogs lately?

But before I let you go, nominations for the Seventh Annual Weblog Awards are currently open. Not one to toot my own horn, have you considered nominating Bright Meadow? For starters I think I’d fit well in the ‘best british or irish weblog’ category. Then there’s the best topical (if personal is a topic…) and best writing categories. You could possibly even make an argument for ‘best-kept secret weblog’.

Now I’m not forcing you to nominate – I am a great believer in only doing something you believe in (and there goes my nomination for best writing) – but, well, if you don’t ask you don’t get I suppose.

Have a lovely week people and I will have more supreme content for your delectation shortly no doubt. Can I just take this moment as well to say 2007 looks like it is going to be a GOOD year for me with lots of fun and frolicks. I wish the same for you all 🙂

33 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: food you can eat AND play with? Got to be good

  1. Maybe I should have drawn a vague map of my parent’s house when I sent them their Christmas card, since that postcard arrived sooner than 10 days it took the card (posted first class by the way) took to get the 130 miles from the south coast to the Midlands!!

  2. Though I am still having issues with thinking on how a 64 year old can believably turn in the same kind of action from the previous movies.

    He’s a lecturer; he has undergraduates for that kind of thing. 🙂

    On a slightly more serious note I suppose they could explore the idea of the world moving on, age catching up with everyone etc. (A bit like Star Trek VI?)

  3. No, not old. Ol’, as in an informal expression used to denote affection.

    Old chum, etc.
    I’m British, we only insult the people we like 😉

    And welcome to Bright Meadow, because I’m pretty sure you’ve never darkened the dread portals before 🙂

  4. Two woots for Shrek the Third and the sequel to National Treasure. I loved the Shrek films, and I really enjoyed NT as well.

  5. Woots indeed. I seem to remember enjoying National Treasure mainly because it was just so funny and, well, bad. But I laughed and had fun so that’s good. And, plus, Nic Cage!

  6. Hot Fuzz does look pretty bloody brilliant.

    I’d see it if just for the fact it’s filmed (and set) in and around my home town/area. But Simon Pegg et al are good too 😀

  7. Yeah, National Treasure wasn’t exactly the most well researched movie on the block, but it was a lot of fun. It actually reminded me a lot of the Indiana Jones movies. Silly, yes. Hellaciously fun? Yup.

  8. Working throught the roast…

    I’m sure somewhere on the karma scale this is mean:

    ‘Interactive Pet with touch sensors whose moods alter depending on the attention he receives – happy if you fuss him and nervous and shy when ignored’

    I know he is only a robot guinea pig, but programming the poor bu~~er with an attchment disorder is really not on…



  9. Hadn’t thought of it like that – it is a might cruel, I would agree.

    But here’s a question for you: do robotic guinea pigs dream of electronic lettuce?

  10. *does a little happy dance*

    you’re so close illyna you get a silver star and a half. actually that’s probably the closest anyone will get so I’ll go all the way and give you a gold star.

  11. If we’re going to fight it out, I’d back Wensleydale and Cranberries.

    But for now, Edam, because I don’t want to take away from illyna’s success.

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