It’s a boy!

The Latvian Lovely gave birth on Tuesday to a lovely baby boy (9lb 3oz – every woman I’ve spoken to kinda goes “ooh!” and winces in sympathy at that point) called Eriks (pronounced Eric in English).

We went round and saw him this evening – he is quite the cutest thing. I know people say that about most babies, but he really is adorable. At least when not crying.

I still find it a bit of a mind flip that someone my age can produce a tiny new person. It’s just all so grown up! I can just about manage to get myself through the day, though falling down the steps at Waterloo on Thursday gave some small indication I’m not quite ready to be left alone just yet, and here’s the Latvian Lovely doing that AND being responsible for a teeny-tiny human being.

As I said, mind flip and reality check. Though I guess there’s some things you’re never actually ready for till they happen.

I also, rather worryingly, found myself having a little “I want one” moment. Just a tiny thought, nothing to get concerned about, and certainly no sign to my mother to rush out and by the “World’s Best Grandmother” mug just yet. Just… it’s there, lurking in a dark, dusty, cobwebby corner of my psyche that I normally studiously avoid. Medical factors and current lifestyle aside – baby?! Eeek! I’d be a mommy blogger, and that’s a thought that’s just plain wrong whatever way you look at it.

But that’s all another discussion for quite a different time, place, and therapists office.

As it is, it’s a boy! I get to fulfill the groovy aunt role – vicarious baby kicks, the best kind. He’s totally adorable and that’s all that matters.

2 thoughts on “It’s a boy!

  1. That’s about 4.2 kg for those of us who can only make sense of metric.

    Seriously though, congratulations and best wishes to all concerned.

  2. ah, just wait to he still starts screaming and you have to deal with dirty nappies, that’ll soon banish any *I want one* thoughts, trust me. I adore my nephews, I’d walk through fire for them, but I always like handing them back to their parents! 😀

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