Sunday Roast: here I stand with a blank expression

It’s been a good week for me which culminated in a night out last night that really shouldn’t have left me feeling as blah today as I do. But I feel blah, so I’ve blown off going to go see Blood Diamond with Moose to stay home, write the Roast, listen to Lifehouse and drink endless cups of tea. It’s taken me a year to buy the ‘new’ Lifehouse album (can it be classed as ‘new’ if it’s been out a year?) and, as I expected, I love it. I’m always doing this – falling in love with a band, then never getting around to getting their latest stuff. Each and every time I promise it won’t happen again, but I can guarantee it will! Ah well, I’ve got it now, so it’s guaranteed I’m going to play it constantly for the next week or so. If only to drive Moose up the wall 😉

But on with the Roast. It’s movie heavy this week for some reason so I hope you’ve all got good connection speeds!

Hot Fuzz – I might have linked to Hot Fuzz before, but it does bear a new link as it looks so funny! Not just because it was filmed around my home town and the accents are just pitch-perfect! As for the Battle of Somerfield… I just can’t wait!

Blades of Glory – before we go any further I must stress that I do NOT want to see this movie. The trail did, however, make me giggle and cringe in equal measure so it deserves to be seen for that if nothing more.

Shooter – who would have predicted that Marky Mark would become such a good actor? This is most likely going to be formulaic, predictable, and violent enough to make me hide behind my hands for the most of it, but I still want to watch it just in case. Mark Whalberg is always watchable, no matter how bad the film. So maybe not in The Italian Job, but you know what I mean.

Live Free or Die Hard – there really should be no doubt that I will be watching this as soon as it is out. I *adore* the Die Hard movies and a large portion of my heart has always been reserved for Bruce Willis. I will hear no bad spoken against him, ya hear me?!

The Lookout – this one could go either way. The premise is good, Joseph Gordon Levitt has been known to act on occasion. Then again, it could go all a bit pants (he *has* to foil the robbers/get the girl after all).

Schools in England should teach ‘core British values’. Problem being, what the f*** are ‘core British values’? I dunno… This is one of those issues that I have a gut reaction of “you WHAT?! THAT will never work” too, then I think about a bit more and come up with other arguments. But I keep coming back to my “wtf?” reaction.

In preparation for a rant I’m planning out on tag clouds, here’s the 2007 State of the Union as a tag cloud.

I expect you’ve already heard this, but Bill Gates is to appear on the Daily Show on Monday (so it will be screened on Tuesday 30th in the UK). I like Gizmodo’s idea of a drinking game – a shot per mention of ‘vista’, ‘windows’ etc, two shots for a mention of ‘zune’, and a whole bottle if he mentions an Apple product 😉

How do you know when to stop blogging? Lorelle has some good points, but in particular eight, nine and ten.
8) You may not always want to blog. – You will have noticed that since New Year the frequency of posts has taken a bit of a drop here at Bright Meadow. That’s mainly because my job has taken a turn for the hectic and I just don’t have the time, energy, or inclination to blog. Rather than just churn out crap, I’d rather do number nine…
9) It’s okay to take a break. – I took a week out the other week and I expect I’m going to be on a bit of a go-slow for a little bit longer. The ideas and desire to write are starting to come back to me, but I don’t want to force them. I have faith that the words will return when they’re ready too. Till then, my wrists and RSI are thankful for the rest!
10) Don’t blog just because everyone else is. – I’ve been directly responsible for starting several people blogging. I’m not being big headed here: they’ve told me “I started this blog because I liked what you were doing”. The thing is, only two of them are still in the remotest way still blogging – Neko because she’s just started! and Moose who I say is ‘still’ blogging because she revealed to me last night that she’s got a few ideas. Blogging REALLY isn’t for everyone! If you don’t like writing, or don’t have the ideas, the chances are you’re not built for blogging. That doesn’t mean you can’t comment on mine though 😉

So THAT’S how you change individual icons! (Plus other good points on managing your OSX desktop clutter, like the lock command. I’m another person who likes to keep some stuff on the desktop). Though I’m still working out the finer points. Some folders are refusing to accept some new icons, whilst they like others. Odd.

And I shall leave you now to go back to bed and feel sorry for myself. I might watch some West Wing or read, but most likely I’m just going to mope around the flat like a wet weekend. I don’t have to go to work tomorrow though! *gingerly does a happy dance*

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    “Great read from Lorelle on “How to know when to stop blogging”. There have been many days days (weeks) when I’ve looked at my personal site and asked myself, is it really worth keeping this thing up? Blogging is definitely more of a challenge than what others may believe it to be.”

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