Sunday Roast: that’s the way this world keeps working

Well, how to start this Sunday’s Roast?

I’m drawing a blank on the whole ‘snappy intro’ part of the post. That’s the problem when you spend the week at home vegging on the sofa – nothing fun to talk about! Ah well, enjoy the Roast 🙂

Apparently Adobe are releasing PDF for standardization. I shall put my open-source hat on now and give a big “Woop!”

David Pogue’s NYT videos are now available on YouTube and iTunes. If you don’t watch them already, I do recommend you do – very, very funny. And insightful as well of course 😉

What sort of man are you? That’s question I’m going to go away and ponder some more for myself actually…

Reign Over Me – probably predictable, but I still find myself wanting to watch.

Sunshine – we saw the big-screen trailer for this last night and it looked very, very good. I will admit that I am probably being swayed more than a little by the soundtrack, but I do so want to see it. You can normally rely on Danny Boyle to pull something good out of the hat.

We all get writers block. The good writers are the ones who get through it. One of my favourite tricks is using a song lyric then playing around with the ideas that inspires. Or going for a long walk, just me and the iPod. What about you?

Since I’ve decided it’s OK for me to have crushes on much older men, I am all happy that the Police are reuniting.

Now, a wedding proposal is something I’m not expecting any time in the foreseeable future (never say never, but, well, the chances are a little slim). I just hope that I don’t get this proposal. Call me old fashioned, but an actual ring, maybe a nice dinner… Are candles and roses too much to ask?

Since I live in expectation of the day someone buys me a surprise present, look – aren’t these penguin speakers the perfect present for your favourite penguin obsessed blogger?

Black Snake Moan – one of those trailers you have to watch over again because you can’t believe they really just showed that…

Want to get published? Listen to Liz.

More fuel to my imminent post on Tagging, BBC has news that it’s proving really rather popular. <sarcasm>No!</sarcasm>

21st of July 2007 is when Harry Potter 7 is released. Apparently, two characters die. I don’t care if one of them IS Harry, so long as Ron and Hermione finally get it together properly.

A Million Penguins – an attempt to write a collective novel. Using a wiki. Cool.

Female? Gadget-mad? Want to be on TV? BBC2 is looking for people.

New William Gibson goodness on it’s way…

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a community… or not. I like Tara’s point that a conversation or even a series of relationships doesn’t make a community. I’m starting to dip my toe very tentatively back into ‘communities’ or ‘groups of like minded people chatting down the virtual pub’ and I’m not sure of the need to try and find a clear definition of what a ‘community’ is as opposed to a ‘social network’ and so on. It gives a convenient handle upon which things can build. Then again… Oh, excuse me whilst I go, sit down, and think about this for six months or so 😀

Castle Smasher. Before you all start getting grumpy at me, Moose is entirely to blame for this one. I’m just sharing the pain and lack of productivity around best I can.

For all you Mac users out there (I know there’s at least one!) who might be in the market for a new mouse, go get yourself a Logitech MX Revolution and then read this article on how to make it work!

And we complain of one inch of snow in the UK…

5 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: that’s the way this world keeps working

  1. Hi Cas,
    Thank you for inviting me to Sunday Roast! I’ve been hungry and missing the UK lately! Actually I’ve been thinking about you and thinking that you’re probably as busy as everyone else I know.

    By the way, I think your non-intro intro is quite snappy. 🙂

  2. No more talk of Harry Potter please! I don’t want to speculate on who is going to die, or what else is going to happen, I just want to read it for myself.

    Those speaks look possessed. I preferred the fluffy penguin ones.

    There were fluffy ones weren’t there, or did I just imagine it??

  3. Liz, you’re more than welcome. And yes, I do seem to be stupidly busy at the moment. Evil life. 🙂

    Moose, yes there were fluffy ones. Apparently the eyes on those ‘possessed’ ones wiggle in time to the music. But the fluffy ones were better, I agree.

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