The UFO has landed

It’s been comingfor a while. The Apple Store in Southampton that is.

Is was walking through West Quay today on my way to my rendezvous with Curious George (and boy did it feel all clandestine meeting outside of college 😉 ) and saw that the Apple store is ‘coming’ no more. It is very much here.

We had a quick scout around – it was heaving in there, not surprisingly – and Curious George got to see me with a full geek lust-on at the shiny Macs… Mildly embarrassing, but he needed to find out the truth eventually.

Anyway, there were lots, and lots, and lots of shiny things to tempt me. Luckily, I’ve just got a shuffle and my disposable income doesn’t quite stretch to a new Mac, so I should be safe! (Note the use of the word ‘should’ in that sentence…) And there’s a (small) genius bar in there as well, so should something go wrong, I no longer have to trek to London. Shiny 🙂

3 thoughts on “The UFO has landed

  1. What color Shuffle did you buy? I ended up purchasing an orange one on Friday.

    I would die without my Apple stores. It was like, 3 or 4 years ago that the first one in my area was opened, about twenty minutes away. Then last year one only about 5-10 minutes away from me was opened. Mecca. 🙂

  2. One opened up here in Montreal late in 2006 (in Laval, actually, a suburb of Montreal), but it’s a little too far and out of the way for me, so I really should be safe. I hope.

  3. I got a green one. I toyed with the idea of a blue one, but in my head when I was thinking about it I had a green one and, as I make a point of trusting my instincts, I got a green one. Haven’t regretted it 😀

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