Sunday Roast: nothing brings people together like a Christmas lung fungus

I’m sorry for the rather gruesome subtitle for today’s Roast. I blame illyna! She’s been carping on for… well, as long as I’ve known her actually… about how good Bones is. For the price of playing with her Wii one evening (oh, the jokes just keep coming) we got to borrow Season One on DVD. Damn, it’s addictive. The first few episodes were a little rocky, but it’s settled down now and it’s really rather watch-able. David Bore-what’s-his-face (I can say the name, but not spell it) has the most amazing smile. Yes, SMILE. So he’s pretty much all over hot, but his smile – which you saw all to rarely on Angel – is just the icing on a very tasty cake. On top of that it’s just plain funny with great supporting characters. Good show. But with rather gruesome subject matter, which tends to lead to quoteable’s that are also a little macabre.

And I really should stop talking about my TV watching habits and leave you with what you came here for.

Something for Moose to start with – she regularly finds things for the Roast, and puts up with being mentioned with monotonous regularity on the internet, so it’s only fair. Here you go Moose: a blog about Formula One.

Ever wondered what six pounds of dynamite might look like? Wonder no more.

I keep bookmarking these posts that would make great memes and/or “I am still alive” posts, but then I just never get around to doing them. So what are your reading habits? Mine are remarkably similar to Nils’, so just go read his 😀

I’ve been holding off talking about Clive Cussler’s big whole lawsuit against the makers of Sahara because it’s just TOO silly. But then this little article came up and I just had to say something. Mr Cussler? The movie didn’t damage your book. In fact, I only read the book because of the movie. What damaged your book is that it is just BAD. Very, very bad. Painfully so.

So I was going to do this review of my new (green) iPod shuffle when it arrived, wasn’t I? Yeah, that’s not going to happen because, as usual, Paul’s done a much better job. From my own POV, the thing is just so tiny! It’s adorable and wonderful and just what I needed, but I am petrified of loosing it when it’s in my bag NOT clipped to me. I like the new shorter headphones – being smaller than Paul, the length isn’t a problem for me, and shorter cord = less to tangle. I haven’t noticed any real problem with the sound quality. Then again, I’m not an audiophile, I have dodgy hearing as it is, and I rarely listen to ‘quiet’ tracks anyway. I’m on more of a Bon Jovi kick at the moment. So yes, I love my shuffle. My poor old iPod hasn’t left the house since it arrived… Consequently, I haven’t forgotten to set my alarm clock all week. Result 😀

Lately people have been saying nice things about my writing style. Thank you 🙂 I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I do feel I’ve finally settled into my own ‘voice’ and that this is partly what makes people seem to like Bright Meadow. (I am fully prepared for y’all to correct me here!) If you want help finding your own ‘voice’ all I can say is be true to yourself and read this article for some pointers.

Continuing a sort-of theme about penguin shaped gifts, how about a penguin shower radio. Cute, no?

More on the Megapixel Myth (sounds like some new thriller or something, doesn’t it?)

I’m having a bit of a “I want to bake” thing at the moment. The following are things I would cook if there wasn’t this whole big nut allergy going on in my house and office:
flourless chocolate cake

Who said you should never play with your food?

Apparently, no sleep = no brain. Told you I wasn’t at my best when I’d had no sleep 😛

Oceans 13 trailer. I loved Oceans 11, I loathed Oceans 12, this one looks like it might make up for the hideousness of the middle one. Hopefully.

Glen is going to be trying to live the 9rules way. I like to think I already do (especially 1,2,4,5,7 & 8) and I like how I’ve turned out, so way to go Glen. Good luck 🙂

And the reason the Roast is so late is a film. You should go and see Music and Lyrics. It’s actually very funny, well done, and a damn good example of it’s type. If you absolutely loathe rom-coms in all their forms then OK, don’t go. But this was a highly enjoyable film. The opening alone had me and Moose in hysterics for the first ten minutes of the film. Always a good sign.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: nothing brings people together like a Christmas lung fungus

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  2. No sleep = no brain cells… I must be dumb as a door nail then, i sleep only about 4-5 hours nightly. 🙁

    I’m definitely going to have to check out that article on finding a ‘voice’ soon, thanks for that link.

  3. Thanks for the link. 🙂 The title is in reference to a fairly unknown band’s song of the same title; the band’s name is South San Gabriel. I will probably do a feature on them soon. Great stuff!

    The no sleep = no new brain cells is a no brainer. It’s amazing to me that we have to fund studies for what common sense has been saying for years: you don’t sleep, you get screwed in the head. However, I think the effects of one’s lack of sleep depend entirely on the person and what they’re doing, as well as their personality. Lack of sleep may mean no quickly made new brain cells, but there have been times in my life where lack of sleep has helped me in certain situations, such as to relax (due to tiredness). I discovered in high school that the harder I tried to study for a test and rest well the night before, the worse I did on the test. It was because I would have focused so much on studying, worrying over it, and then, on the day of the test, I would be fully awake to be worried about whether I had actually learned anything.

    So now I don’t study, and I stay up late. Problem solved! Pfft, science.

  4. Thanks for the mention, Cas. Now I do wonder what it is our reading habits have in common and what not. It’s the spit part, you see, that particularly comes to mind in these situations.

    The megapixel article wasn’t ground-breaking, but the tests they did were quite interesting. I am not entirely convinced myself. Surely there has to be a difference between a 1MP camera phone and a 13.7 MP Hasselblad? Of course, sensors, objective, lenses, they all have an influence too, but I can’t help think this debunking craze is actually a ploy by professional photographers feeling the hot breath of the masses closing in on them. “Let’s make sure they don’t buy the good cameras or we’ll be out of a job…” That kind of thing. How’s that for a conspiracy theory, eh?

  5. hee hee. I love the interconnectedness of things.

    The ‘meme’ about reading habits you linked to was described initially as the ‘Calvino’ meme and is based on that book I told you to check out- ‘If on a winters night a traveller’ by said Calvino.

    So did you find it from Nils’s blog or from searching for the book?

    Read it! I want to natter to you about it. I love the opening description of settling down with a much anticipated book.



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