It’s official. I don’t like lemon on my pancakes. Each year I go to myself “do I like lemon on pancakes?” So I try some lemon on a pancake and invariably ruin a pancake because it turns out I DON’T like lemon on pancakes.

So I thought I would blog about it so next year, I don’t forget.

17 thoughts on “Pancakes

  1. Good plan… pancakes are a lot nicer with jam, golden syrup or just plain sugar! Or if you feel dutch, go for bacon and syrup (yum :))

  2. Those are all good suggestions. Ice cream also works rather well.

    And Jay – as a rule, we eat less pancakes in the UK. It’s not a regular breakfast thing. Actually making proper British pancakes is something that I only do once a year, on Pancake day. American style, and Scotch style pancakes get made a bit more often. It all depends if I get up in time on a Sunday to smile sweetly at Moose to get her to make me a few extra 😉

  3. Cas, by lemon, what exactly do you mean? A hunk of lemon? A squirt of lemon juice?

    Either way, that sounds horribly. I love pancakes, but I don’t think I’d touch one with lemon anything on it. 🙂

  4. I’ve never understood why anyone would want to make savoury pancakes. sorry Illyna, it’s just wrong. they should be full of sweet sugary goodness. and lemon.

  5. I just like pancakes…. with chocolate spread especially, or my mums homemade banana ice cream. or with lemon………..

    I missed out on pancakes this year 🙁

    No point making them just for me all on my lonesome away at uni.


  6. I’m with Moose here I’m afraid – pancakes should be sweet, not savoury.

    And Neko – being on your own at Uni is the PERFECT reason to make pancakes! *huggles*

  7. mmm… a couple *real* pancakes, with butter and maple syrup with some nice, crispy bacon and a couple eggs…

    I’m hungry. 😐

  8. @ Neko: it’s quite easy to make just two! Just half a mug of milk, some tbs of flour and an egg (believe me, it’s worth it ;))

  9. Pancakes…. I’ve never had one here in India 🙁 but you’ve probably never had a Samosa so we’re even!

    Linked to you, found via 9rules, come by my blog sometime.

  10. Welcome to Bright Meadow 8in48 🙂
    I have to say, I have had samosas (and enjoyed them) – you should try pancakes. They are really easy and very tasty. And thank you for the link.

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