The trouble with RLOs

I really need to stop giving out the URL of Bright Meadow to people I know in real life. More importantly, I really need to stop giving out the URL of Bright Meadow to RLOs (that’s random lust objects to those who are new).

So what did I do today?
Yup. You’ve guessed it.
Firmly put my size sixes in my cute little mouth and gave the work RLO the URL of Bright Meadow…

We were having what started as this innocent conversation about work and the future of the team and the next thing I know I’m explaining how writing is my thing, and that I have this website, and – well, it was give him a moo card with the URL, or let him think I have a MySpace. What else could any self respecting 9ruler do?

I think I might have said this before, but this whole blogging my life deal does make it hard when objects of my desire are suddenly equipped with a window into my neurotic thought processes. I mean, I have taste in my lust-objects, so they invariably have brains, and are MORE than capable of penetrating the cunning code I use to disguise identities. That’s the other problem with my life: when there’s *counts in head* ONE guy in your team who was born in the same decade, it kind of restricts the potential candidates for RLO status even more.

I have no other way to end this post really. I’m just going to have to drunkenly dance around my room a bit more to a bizarre playlist comprising Enrique, Eve 6, The Ataris, NFG, Foo Fighters, Mika, Greenday, and Fools Garden (bless autofill) and then go get some sleep. I mean, the RLO could be in the office again tomorrow and I’ve got to be looking my best 😉

7 thoughts on “The trouble with RLOs

  1. So in a horribly convoluted cas way your subconscious has found a way of letting him know you like him (combined with a sneaky initiative test, ’cause if he can a) get to the blog, and b) figure that the RLO is him then there is hope that his brains are up to the required standard), and no you are complaining about it?

    How very Cas



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