Sunday Roast: by “Hot Lesbian Sex”, we mean tea. But it’s still hot!

What to roast, what to roast… That’s something that goes not only through my mind throughout the week, but through the minds of my minions spread around the globe. Boy do they do sterling work! As they are already have my eternal love and devotion, all I can do is give them a shout-out at the head of the Roast – thank you this week in particular to Moose, Divine M, Neko, Surly and illyna (and she’s the one responsible for the title as well).

ProBlogger (who I haven’t linked to in a while. I feel bad) has an article on the 10 mistakes that will kill a blog. Whilst I know I’ve been suffering from 6 (slow blog) lately and trust me, it’s annoyed me far more than it’s annoyed you! And I try not to let 2 (cliques) form, I like to think that I’m not doing to badly against that list. Um… You will let me know if I’m starting to go to the dark side, won’t you?

Blurbs in the publishing world are much maligned, yet they do a vital job – getting you to read the book in the first place. As a dedicated library-surfer, I’m always on the lookout for new books, but if that blurb doesn’t catch me then the book stands no chance. Conversely, I’ve also fallen foul of brilliant blurb only to get three pages into the book and go WFT?! and put it down in disgust. Blurbs however are not only needed in the literary world – I’m struggling to write leaflet blurb/bumf for one of the projects at work at the moment and Damn, but it’s hard! So I could do with all the help I can get.

Kristin, one of my long-time blog-crushes has a stellar how-to on making fancy-pants WordPress sidebars. Even if you’re using a theme/mod you didn’t design yourself, it’s always good to understand what the code actually does so you can play and not break things.

danah’s thoughts on how musing online can make things ‘real’ came at around the same time I (once more) accidentally-on-purpose gave the URL of Bright Meadow to the RLO at work and at the time I was having a mental hissy fit over the Cute Canadian. Timing. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who does this kind of thing.

I know when I really want to Roast something when I go digging through archives to find a post again after my bookmark got broken due to permalink re-structuring (grrr, btw). Turns out, Josh has a bit of an icon obsession going on. My own obsession with icons is slowly growing. I’ve not got to the point where I’m rethemeing my entire desktop, but there’s a fair smattering on non-standard graphics in use now. It just makes the whole computing experience more personal.

The things people do for charity. I wouldn’t go quite that far, though work are trying to get me to have a sponsored tattoo for Red Nose day (no), but I am doing this.

Want your shiny gadget laser-etched? Go to adafruit.

I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to stumble across this blog! Penguin Geek. It’s all in the name.

It’s long, but the ending makes it ALL worthwhile. What do you get when you mix two Top Gear presenters, a Reliant Robin, and eight and a half tonnes of rocket fuel? Watch and find out.

I thought I was bad enough with my pens, but Gnorb takes it one step further into a pencil obsession.

And lastly four film trailers that have caught my eye for various reasons. Not saying I want to watch all of them at the cinema, but if I saw the dvd I’d most likely rent it.
Fracture – Anthony Hopkins really has cornered the market in crazed psychopaths, hasn’t he? (And yes I know that ‘crazed psychopaths’ is a tautology).
Wild Tigers I Have Known – I want to watch this if only to work out what the f*** the film is about!
In the Land of Women – we all know I’m a sucker for a happy/fluffy.
The Condemned – this I really don’t want to see, but the soundtrack for the trail is just perfect.

23 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: by “Hot Lesbian Sex”, we mean tea. But it’s still hot!

  1. Tammie – LOL! I’d forgotten that one!

    Neko – it got mine when it got sent me as an email as well 😀

    Jay – they certainly are. They drive some cool cars as well.

  2. I was wondering why my Akismet queue was even bigger than usual this morning! Welcome to Bright Meadow Travis 🙂 And Frosty is absolutely beautiful!

  3. The movie-theater trailer for Fracture looked good until Ryan Gosling and Anthony Hopkins got into a fight. That is one ridiculous concept. Also, he’s all about winning the case to that he can keep his super-deluxe job offer. Come on, what type of motivation is that?

    Other than that, your post title totally cracked me up and and sucked me in to reading far too much of your blog during work.

  4. Neko, of course you’re welcome.

    Though the lot of you – behave! *mock glower* I’m trying to keep Bright Meadow to at least a 15 rating 😉

    Lila – I have to admit, the whole Ryan Gosling plot just made no sense to me. I was just impressed with Anthony Hopkin’s evilness. Glad to hear the title made you laugh. And sucked you into reading? Mwhahahaa, my work here is done. Welcome to Bright Meadow Lila 🙂

  5. Just so long as you enjoyed yourself roro – welcome to Bright Meadow 🙂

    p.s. I’m a massive fan of your blog

  6. Well, you know us lesbians – a good pot of tea will often excite us almost as much as sex. Ha ha – no, seriously. And the blog fan feeling is mutual!!

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