It just goes to show

Just goes to show, you never can tell.

I just filled in a dyslexia questionnaire for work (got to trial these things on ourselves before we can let them loose on the clients) and if you get 9 or more ‘yes’ responses, it “suggests a dyslexia type problem”.

I got 15 *

Could be worse, but it sure explains an awful lot.

* Though I challenge one of the questions – hell, YOU try saying the months of the year backward. It’s not easy!

15 thoughts on “It just goes to show

  1. you think you may have ‘dyslexia type problem’? Once again I have read something completely wrong. In the Sunday Roast I thought you’d linked to edible CHEESE moulds (which I did think a tad bizarre but you’ve linked to stranger things before) so imagine my confusion when I clicked on the link and couldn’t see any cheese.

  2. Jay – LOL. And you are, clearly, superior if you can do the months backwards easily. I can get to June, then I just keep forgetting poor May should come next. As for the alphabet, hell, I have enough trouble saying it forwards. Yes, each and every time I want to work out which letter comes after what, I have to say the rhyme. *blush*

    Moose – Because of course I always want cheese 😕 Though what it says about you that you read what you wanted to see, and you saw cheese… 😯

  3. I thought the title read: “I’ve put up some naughty videos of myself on YouTube for your enjoyment”. How dyslexic is that!?

    Reading on, I was still amused, though 😉

  4. It only took a few moments, I had the most trouble with “would” and “should”. 🙂 (it was a quiet day at work, what can I say)

  5. Welcome to the club it’s fun 😉 On a more serious note this whole ‘dyslexia’ means you won’t do anything is so debunked now. I got some of the best training as a child to help me and although I shouldn’t post late at night as fail to see things and spell about as good as a hippo (they can’t spell for reference well not very well) on most occasions – dyslexia never has cause me too many problems.

    It makes reading more fun sometimes and you just see it as a different way to look at things – who said words had to be that way lol. I am all for debunking the put the dyslexics on the special bus wearing special hats myth. I think it’s far more wide as a way of viewing things than people even imagine. I know so many that could be labelled dyslexic if you use tests or gauges to measure them. In the end it’s about working with the eyes and brain you have.

  6. It’s never caused me any problems that I’m aware of – though it did cause some giggles and dropped jaws in work today. Like you said Tammie, it’s about working with what you’ve got. I’d always just accepted that I was pants at my times-tables etc.

    As the Boss said today, it does make you wonder how things might have turned out differently if it had been ‘caught’ at school, but I’ve hardly suffered so, it’s all academic really.

    And turns out I’m now a perfect case-study for our clients. “You’ve got dyslexia? Well, so has C and look where she’s ended up…” Sigh. So long as I’m useful.

  7. I would still argue, after having discussed some of the questions with Cas, that this particular test is no longer relevant as it does not take account of societal changes. For example, one of the questions is about handwriting. Who hand writes anything these days, even at school?? My nephew’s school has it’s own network that the pupils can link into from home to do their homework. We like to categorise things, but in the end it’s all dependent on the individual.

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