Why Blog? Five little reasons

Gar at Rich. Gar I say! Damn that boy for knowing I can’t resist a good (or even mediocre) meme. I had this “don’t post anything – he’s being far too cocky” moment going through my head for about three seconds. No, five at the least. Then I kinda shrugged and went “what the hey?” One of these days we’ll actually coordinate schedules and I’ll make him buy me a cup of tea as an apology so all is good.

Time for more navel gazing (oh, for a pretty unscarred navel *sigh*) On with the meme.

Five Reasons I Blog

  1. I love to write – I’ve always told stories and written. It’s how I make sense of the mental and physical worlds which I inhabit. When I face a problem, I invariably sit down and write something, and by the end of that process I can frequently see my way clear. Writing is my release. Writing is my way into the world.
  2. I want to leave something behind – An incredibly maudlin thought, I will agree, but there it is. The chances of me ever having a book or something published are, sadly, rather slim. Bright Meadow is my own little piece of writing. Something to say “Claire was here”.
  3. I want to touch people – In a non creepy way I hasten to add. I love the idea that the words I’ve written in my little room in the eaves in Southampton are read all over the world. That people out there read what I have to say and… Have a giggle. To brighten someone’s day. That’s enough for me.
  4. I want minions – Adoring masses. I want them. I want fans. Positively oodles of devotees willing to do my bidding. I need love and adoration, damn it! Give it to me now!
  5. I was fed-up to the back teeth with “are you alive, Cas?” emails – Seriously, answering those things was just such a hassle. This way you just have to look at the blog. If it’s been updated that week, I’m alive and kicking. Longer than a week, then you can prod me.

And that’s five reasons why I blog. Are they the only reasons I blog? No. Are they the most important reasons I blog? Maybe. Ask me again when I’m drunk and see what answer you get then 😉

I tag… Ooooh:
Girl Dates London (she might be reading this, who knows?),
Tammie just because,
Roro because I’m turning into a serious groupie-stalker-fan and I want to know!
And Jay because he’ll grumble if I leave him out.

14 thoughts on “Why Blog? Five little reasons

  1. that doesn’t explain your complusion to blog about nearly everything that happens in your life.

  2. Cocky, yes, you 😛

    And you aren’t a minion already?! Heaven forfend, I must do something to rectify that situation…

  3. Neko – I imagine drunk replies would be something along the lines of “I HAVE MINIONS!!!!!” and “So I can accidentally-on-purpose reveal to guys that I fancy them”. And not forgetting the perennial favourite “because I’m so abso-fucking-lutely fantastic and just deserved to be worshipped”.

    roro – yay! Nothing else to say really 😀

  4. Well I think those are just as good (if not better- especially the ‘abso-fuckinglutley fantastic’ one as it is great to hear you say it!

    Come out come out come out…. there is a dodgy goth/rock bar waiting for you and a happy Neko with dancing feet…

  5. Yeah, sorry about the moderation their Neko – you would not believe the amount of spam that’s currently hammering my doors, so I’ve got some pretty strict rules going on behind the scenes (and not to mention some VERY arbitrary phrases in the ‘put to moderation’ list).

    *is thinking more and more favorably about coming out to play*
    *is even pondering what to wear*


    Anyway, i came here by way of Rich, dunno why i wasn’t reading this thing before. not a minion yet though 😀

  7. I’m not totally sure what that means josue, but I shall take a TUX logo as a compliment.

    And I’m looking forward to the day I can call you a minion 😉 Welcome to Bright Meadow 🙂

  8. Or alternatively I could actually engage my brain (unlikely though that is at gone 1am) and realise that you were likening my penguin to the Linux penguin… *blush*

    He’s called Mr Flibble in homage to Red Dwarf and, whilst inspired by Tux, he’s a creation of a friend of mine (his first appearance online).

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