Lessons Learnt Today

*Note to self*
Burning your lunchtime potato waffles in order to test the fire alarms is not a good idea. It leads to having to open all the windows in the flat to clear the smoke, which in turn leads to you sitting wrapped in the duvet because it’s so cold you can see your breath.

Plus, fire alarms are LOUD when you have a headache!

On the plus side, at least we know they work now and that’s there’s no way on god’s green earth we’d ever sleep through them 😕

10 thoughts on “Lessons Learnt Today

  1. Worse than that: catching a bagel on fire in the work toaster oven. And when I say on fire, I mean 10 inch flames shooting up from bagels.

    Fortunately, bagels are relatively easy to extinguish.

  2. Edrei, yeah. Knowing they’re still working is the only plus side!

    Lila – I think you’ve just given me the title for this week’s Roast again!

  3. It’s a good job everyone in the lab has gone home.

    Once again I have the giggles.

    Side note- anyone know Berlin at all? I need a cheap hotel not too far from the Free University in Dahlem…

  4. if you’d gone to work like you were supposed to you wouldn’t have had this problem, you dozy cow
    (see next post)

  5. Oh, 😛 you. I had a headache, felt crappy, would not have been able to concentrate or get anything from the course, and I refuse to feel guilty. Refuse I tell you 😛

  6. I hear they are waffly versatile. :-p I always have soup when I’m unwell – it’s the only time I do (it’s harder to burn 😉 ).

    PS – I still get the replies overlapping each other… :-s

  7. LOL!
    Good answer 😀 (Though to be fair, the bug does irritate me when I’m at the work and am locked into IE – my own bad for looking at the blog at work I guess).

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