Minion Time!

Rich the other night reminded me that it’s been an absolute age since I made new Blog Minions. It’s been so long, in fact, that I expect a good portion of you have no idea what a Blog Minion is… So here’s a little explanation of what it is to be a Bright Meadow Minion. Blog Minions are special people around these parts. They are people who have gone out and brought something back to the table to share.

Before we go any further, please remember that I am British. We cheerfully insult the people closest to us. Yes, I admit it’s an odd concept, but there you go. I call my mother a dappy wench, she calls me a silly cow. My brother says all end of nasty things about me, and I say them right back at him. Hardly a day goes by without me mocking Moose, or Moose mocking me. We don’t mean anything by it, it’s how we show our love, how we show that we’re comfortable with the other person. It’s when I’m being exceedingly polite that you have to worry 😉 So for me to call you a “Minion” is really my way of expressing affection.

Truly, honestly.

Enough of my blather, time to name the lucky few:

  • Devin Reams – He’s never yet strayed into the comments and for all I know he doesn’t even read Bright Meadow (though more fool him) but he stepped up to the plate when I was being all blonde over getting a full-page screenshot (see his work here). My thanks Devin 🙂
  • Lila – a Bright Meadow newbie, Lila’s already inspired one Roast title and it looks like she’s just inspired another as well… Definitely a good addition to the mix – I wonder what’s next?
  • Rich – because he adores me. Yes I’m shallow, but I really need no other reason 😉
  • Tristan – for writing several episodes of the BrightCast. Sorry it’s taken me so long to get round to Minion-ifying you Tristan *blush*

Along with the above, I’d also like to name three more Honorary Minions – Tyme, Scrivs and Mike. At the risk of sounding disgustingly over the top and soppy, how could the triumvirate behind 9rules not get a Minion-Mention? There’s nothing tangible I can point you towards that will explain why they are Honorary Minions, but it is a certain that without 9rules Bright Meadow would be very different. Thanks guys 🙂

So what does being named a Minion get you? Um, you want more than my un-dying love and devotion? Greedy 😛 Well, when (if) we’re ever in the same city I’ll stand you a drink of some description. Oh, and you get this rather snazzy button

Yes, I know it’s a bit pants but I got made a member of 9rules on the basis of my content, not my non-existent design skills 😛 If you want to make another one, feel free!

And that’s it. Is it time for the group hug yet? 😛

13 thoughts on “Minion Time!

  1. Well, I’m flattered, obviously. But… minion?

    Couldn’t you make us “Bright Meadow Champions” instead? That sounds much more like it. It’s from the French “champignon”, or “fungus”, so don’t worry — you’d still be insulting people!

    Also, at the risk of revealing to the world how devestatingly uncool I am, what on earth are the “nine rules”?

  2. Does no one ever actually follow the links in posts any more? Or on the sidebar? There’s a stonking great “proud member of…” badge on each page!
    *rolls eyes*

    In a nutshell, 9rules is a network of fan-bloody-tastic blogs. I’m a member (I think they needed to make the numbers up or something) . It’s also a damn good community and it’s just wonderful and… Yup. I need to stop blathering right now.

    As for minions or fungus – tough. It’s been Minions for over a year now, and Minions it is going to stay. I just love being able to say to people “I have Minions”. Gives me the warm fuzzies 😀

  3. If they can’t read and understand their title you might as well remove it.

    I, on the other hand, didn’t know what mignons were before today. Good thing I was given the title of ‘minion’ I almost went a day without learning something!

    Thanks for the mention, Cas. You’re pretty miniony in my book, too. 😉

  4. I like that you have a friendly reader community. The term ‘minion’ makes me think of mindless zombies or ruffled courtesans. Neither of those items are particularly savory in my very American mind.

    Though I am glad to be here, reading.

  5. Devin – revoke minion privileges just hours after they’ve been granted?! Ooh, you’re a harsh one. You’ll do just fine. You can stay 😉

    I won’t revoke privileges though (be grateful this isn’t Moose’s blog, she’s feeling harsh this morning) as it does seem a teeny bit too cruel to take them away so soon just because people don’t like the semantics. Compromise – y’all will still be minions to me, but if you really loathe the term I won’t use it to your face. Deal? I mean, it’s not as if I can force you to take the term away from here now, is it?

  6. do old Minions (such as myself) still remain minions? or is there an expiry date, like biscuits.

  7. Congrats to the new minions. Now you have more to do your bidding 😉 And yes, insulting those closet to you is a trait I love about being British – well it’s an excuse I use myself a lot 😉

  8. all I meant was if they didn’t fully understand what minion status meant then did they truly deserve to call themselves minons? But I do understand it’s a cultural thing. I remember the looks I got when I affectionately called my Canadian flatmate a slut… well she was very obviously eye-ing up the barechested Italian hottie nextdoor 😀

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