The Miffy Flick

OK, you’re not going to understand this, but it is so amazing I have to share –

I’ve got the Miffy Flick back!

The school I used to go to (Millfield) was full of very rich and very beautiful people (I was there on a scholarship and was an aberration). Now the default hairstyle for the girls was long (shoulder length to mid-back) straight hair, worn loose, tucked behind the ear with maybe a hairgrip to tame any long fringe. This hairstyle dictated frequent movement of hair out of the eyes, and the best of the best did this with what my brother and his friends christened ‘the Miffy Flick’.

It’s a small, kinda sideways and up flick of the neck and head. Nothing major and done almost subconsciously. Hard to describe, but it leaves the hair falling just so. It’s not a skill you get taught – an older girl doesn’t take you to one side at orientation and say “you do the Miffy Flick like this…” It’s just something you DO. At school it was the mark of the It girls. The sexy, sassy and popular. Mary and her crowd. The ones, to be honest, who made my life not much fun.

Now I didn’t use the Miffy Flick much, because I wasn’t that confident and anyway my long straight hair was invariably in a ponytail, and I probably successfully pulled it off about twice in my entire scholastic career. I haven’t used it for years – firstly because I really wasn’t confident and then because I had short hair. Hard to flick what you don’t have!

This morning however I just naturally Flicked my hair to get it out my face whilst I brushed my teeth. Looking in the bathroom mirror I actually said out loud “My god, it’s the Miffy Flick!” then I burst out laughing. I’d have killed to ‘Flick’ like that when I was at school. It’s the action of a sublimely confident girl, secure in the knowledge that she is gorgeous and that everyone loves her.

I guess that means I’m a sublimely confident girl, secure in the knowledge that she is gorgeous and that everyone loves her.

Hang on, that can’t be right!

6 thoughts on “The Miffy Flick

  1. Congrats! I’m slightly biased against The Miffy Flick though, because based on how you described it, it reminds me of how all of the “preppy” girls at my high school flipped their hair. (These were the girls that made my high school life a living hell.)

    At any rate… congrats. πŸ˜›

  2. Yeah, it’s got nasty connotations for me too – the ‘preppy’ girls as you so accurately called them.

    I have, however, decided to take the good connotations (confidence) and ignore the nasty ones (bitchiness). So thank you πŸ™‚

  3. OK, so now it’s Moose making me GLAN (Giggle Like A Nutcase- we decided LOL, ROFL or even ROFLMAO were not accurate enough to describe the giggle fits this blog frequently induces in me, in the damn office!!).

    It does indeed sound suspect…

    Oh and this is in the wrong pace- but Bring back the next/previous post buttons at the top, PLEASE!!


  4. Neko, it has been noted. I probably won’t be able to do anything till the weekend, but it’s annoying me too!

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