Status Report

Dear all –

This is really rather ironic. I’m ready to get back into the online chunk of my life and… we loose the internet at Meadow Towers. Our ISP is having a few hiccups at the moment. Whilst I have internet at work, most of the sites I use personally are blocked, and I AM meant to be working. On top of that I don’t work at the weekends and I’m not sure when our internet is going to be back up (hopefully sooner rather than later as I’m getting withdrawal symptoms!)

All this means that if you’re waiting for: email from me; instant messages; Flickr; Facebook; Twitter; 9rules; blogging stuff; the whole online kit’n’kaboodle – you’re going to have to be patient.

It is really rather annoying that the moment I have things to say and do, I can’t say and do them, but clearly the gods want me to watch more BSG season 2, and who am I to disagree with them?

Talk to y’all soon, my internet lovlies 🙂

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